2.0 Partners

Some school districts, county offices of education, and other organizations including other states are using the Classroom Learning 2.0 and School Library Learning 2.0 courses as a part of their own professional development efforts. If your organization would like to be a "2.0 Partner" in learning, let us know and give us acknowledgement.

Top 10 Benefits. The tutorial is:
  1. An introduction to web 2.0 applications and K-12 curriculum connections.

  2. Free. Partners can use their own resources to encourage participation or recognize those who successfully complete the 23 THINGS. "Resources" mean your own virtual 2.0 cheerleaders, prizes, and recognition – or a sprinkling of live, face-to-face workshops.

  3. Strengthens district library and ed tech support teams. Most districts have a tech team (i.e., Educational Technology Coaches, Tech Facilitators, Technology Action Team) that can take the course and then offer it to classroom teachers and the broader school community.

  4. Addresses district goals for Library and Technology Plan training or professional development. (i.e., Administrator training AB 43o Module III, E-RATE.)

  5. Addresses school goals related to WASC, School Site Improvement, and other educational initiatives. Meets BTSA Induction Standards for teacher Clear Credential.

  6. Increases creativity and collaboration among faculty and staff.

  7. Provides for optional CE units, which helps educators reach a higher pay level. Students are expected to spend a minimum of 36 hours on the course over a 9-week period. This averages 2-4 hours/week and varies depending on student level of web 2.0 experience.

  8. A good way to encourage and build use of a district's or state's own blog application (instead of Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, or other) as a professional development and district-wide communication tool.

  9. An opportunity to expand communication channels among students, teachers, and the school community.

  10. Fun.
2.0 Partners. The following school districts have notified the CSLA 2.0 Team that they will be offering Classroom Learning 2.0 or the original School Library Learning 2.0 as a professional development course. If you are participating as a part of one of these organizations, register with them: