At the end of the course, participants are invited to comment. Here is a sampling...

2010 (Year 4)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ILUVREADING -Thank you for offering this wonderful online tutorial. It has been informative, entertaining and expanding. It is difficult to chose favorite discoveries or exercises as I have enjoyed so many of them from the Gutenberg Project to creating images to cataloging my private library at LibraryThing. Each of these activities effected my world in different ways. Some of the lessons I plan to develop into lessons with my students, other activities I will try to formulate into staff development exercises for the classroom teachers, and still others will nourish my life outside of the job such as access to worldwide literature. Setting up RSS feeds has helped me stay connected to my profession and explore new fields as well. The format of this tutorial fit my lifestyle perfectly. Assistance was readily available if needed. I could work at my own pace including taking a four month break. At this point I cannot think of any way to improve its format or concept but something may emerge when I try to teach some of these skills to students and teachers. Right now I want to continue to play with what I have learned. I plan to sign up for Discovering Assistive Technology in the fall. In describing this learning experience, I would have to say that I feel as though I have just opened my eyes on a new world and it's amazing.- mslibearian

2007 (Year 1) – The Early Birds....

Wat3rm0le – Watermole’s Burrow. [Fall 2009: Still active blog on cool web 2.0 tools.]

“I am a slow watermole, but the trip’s always worth it.”

Book Diva 1: My journey as a lifelong learner and reader.

– Joy Millam, TL

Fountain Valley, CA

23. Summarize your thoughts about this program.
This CSLA program is another outstanding example of what our membership produces. Once again you all have given a gift that will keep on giving as we share our new Web 2.0 skills with our students and staff. I was pleasantly surprised quite a few times with the 2.0 tools. It truly is a dynamic addition to our tool belt. Old applications and exercises are so dry compared with the new applications that I've experienced. I can't wait to rework my lessons and teach my staff/students some awesome new skills.
Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. The 2.0 deserves a big round of applause. Thanks again for putting together such a great program!


Bibliomaniac : "An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t. It’s knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and it’s knowing how to use the information you get." William Feather (1889-1981)

California Librarian

December 2007: How nice! School Library Learning 2.0 is beginning again. I hope all the new students will have as great a time doing the Winter 2.0 Fun course, as I did the Summer Fun. Believe it or not, I learned about tools that I actually use. I can't the count the classes I have taken that ended up in the, "Good in Theory, but Unpractical in Reality" pile of my life experience. From Blogs to Zoho the tools I learned this summer are being put to use in my library daily (or at least weekly).

July 2007

I truly want to thank the SLL 2.0 team for putting this course together. I have taken lots of classes, been to many conferences, and spent hours (years?) at SBC days in which I walked away thinking, "That was a waste of time! I could of been cataloging!". That has NOT been my experience here.

My one sentence description would be, "Undeniably, the most useful course I have ever taken."

When I began this, I remember thinking, OMG they want me to BLOG???!!! I don't have time for this. Over the past few weeks I have come to enjoy sharing this learning experience. You are going to have to remove me from your RSS feeds, because I can't envision myself stopping. Hopefully, this blog will add to the blogosphere in a positive manner, not disintegrate into a whine festival.

You have taught me about so many valuable tools. These are things I will actually implement at school. My friend, John the tech guy, and I have been trying for a long time to find that, "Killer School App", that would allow the teachers to save time and become more tech oriented. I think my library wiki may be the perfect next step, an easy way for the ludites on campus to see the value of technology. Even the things I already knew about, i.e.,, bloglines, & LibraryThing, I have come to view in a new manner and to see additional, better, applications.

I have made "friends" with people on the Ning networks. I anticipate their help in continuing my life long learning journey.

The only thing I would change about this course is the ability to converse with the other students & teachers. When people made comments on my posts, my immediate reaction was to talk back, but the blog format is not condusive to that. Perhaps a wiki, meebo, or private Ning network specifically for those taking the course?

Thanks to all who read and commented.


August 2007

This has been a great opportunity. Last spring I began hearing about Web2.0, but I really wasn't sure what it was all about and what the point was. I really can't believe how much I've learned!

I especially enjoyed using the image generators. I was able to use some of my creations as part of my PR campaign for my author visit so this activity was very timely. Library Thing has also been a great find. I am continuing to add books from my home collection so that I'll be able to track what I have. The social aspect of this site as well as the social bookmarking sites has been fun too. However, I think that learning about wikis and the collaboration tools on Zoho and Google Docs may be the most useful for encouraging collaboration at school.

This week I created my first wiki for school. It is called DSMS Best Practices and can be found at . The password is dsms in case anyone would like to add something to it. It's new so I'm still figuring out what to do, and I'm just now introducing it to some key teachers before I share it with the whole staff. I plan to share it with our new teachers before school starts. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

The first week of July, my husband and I, 3 administrators, and 9 other teachers from our school attended the
Model School conference in Washington D.C. This conference tied in wonderfully with this program. These 2 experiences propelled my husband and me into moving forward with technology on a personal level. It was time for new cell phones and we decided that we needed to upgrade to phones with Web2.0 capabilities. I now check my email, my rss feeds, and library thing regularly wherever I am. Already I wonder how I lived with a cell phone that only made phone calls. I also bought a new laptop just for me. We have just a few laptops at school and that is often a problem. While I keep one in the library there is still the problem sometimes of too many users. Now I have what I need when I need it. Next, it was time to make some upgrades at home. We live in an area with no cable access so we were still using dial-up which really was not effective. So we decided to install a satellite system (which is wonderful). Then we decided to install a wireless network system at home so my husband and I can both use our computers at the same time and I can go anywhere in my house (or on my deck) and use my computer.

I appreciate that this class was set up to allow people to work at their own pace. I was gone most of the summer but was still able to work on this class at my convenience. The only suggestion I would make would be to possible have a page on the wiki or a blog for tips, suggestions, and technology support. I learned some great tips on how to make things work by reading other people's blogs, but it would be nice to things in one place.

I would definitely participate in another program similar to this and I will recommend this to others. This has truly been one of the most useful learning experiences that I've had.

This is just the beginning!

DebD at Ustach

August 2007

Modesto, CA Teacher Librarian

I did really enjoy this journey. There were times when I was overwhelmed at the volume of resources and stuff to see out there. Much of what I saw was interesting in a "I will have to think about it for the future" sort of thing. Then there were some things like the online applications tool that I saw immediate use for. Some of the sites we were to visit were old friends, like Youtube, Libravox, and Librarything others such as the podcast sites were totally new to me.
All in all I need to synthesize what I have seen and done and remember it for the future when I am in the middle of a project and need a good resource, tool, or better way to do what I am doing.
I know that I will continue to visit some places to keep up to date with what is going on and to learn more about.
Thanks for creating this tutorial. It was fun and challenging.
I am looking forward to the CSLA conference this year! See you there.


August 2007

Woodland Hills, CA – Teacher Librarian

I'm grateful to the CSLA Team for your promoting this amazing opportunity and supportive comments along the journey!

  • What were your favorite discoveries or exercises? I especially enjoyed week 5 and playing with the image generators. I'm already adding new images to my brochures and promotional plans for the first two months of the new school year. In addition, the information on wikis and their possible collaborative connections was enriching. I will plan to use this format for the professional development that I'm planning to start the year with teachers.
  • How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? This program has assisted me in learning the latest technologies more completely so that I might not only increase my own skills but share my excitement and applications with my co-workers.
  • Some of these Web 2.0 tools were familiar but this opportunity enabled me to learn about each in greater depth. I plan to use the wiki format for my research pathfinders. I'm also considering the features as advantageous versus using Dreamweaver software the challenges of updates with a webmaster.
  • The use of tagging tool offers flexibility when I frequently utilize multiple computers for my work. I can now login and access my resources more efficiently. The online image generators are going to update my presentations, brochures and other promotional publications throughout the school year.
  • I already downloaded software for a podcast to advertise new materials, banned book week, and plan to have students create one for a book club. My LibraryThing account is just an initial surface exploration. Maybe a reading blog will have many selections with the features engaging readers to seek additional titles to read and share.
  • Any take-aways or unexpected outcomes that surprised you? I hadn't expected to view the possibility of using a wiki for my library web page through learning about the various features which are easily updated and have a positive possibility for collaboration, versus the software dynamics of Dreamweaver and a webmaster timeline for updates.
  • What could we do differently to improve upon the format or concept? I found sharing of other participants blogs interesting and making comments desirable. Although, I felt I needed to limit my actions due to my late start following my vacation.
  • If we offered another...would you participate? Absolutely.
  • Describe your experience in one word or one sentence. Enriching!


May 2007 (Early “Test Driver” of SLL2.0)

Continuing Education! ::. "In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." --Eric Hoffer .::

Tom Kahn, High School Teacher Librarian, Marin, CA

This is just my welcome to new folks starting the journey today or very soon.

  • School Library Learning 2.0 runs from June 1-September 1, 2007.
  • The URL is
  • I have been through the course as a "test driver" and it's been a real learning experience--one of the best professional development experience I've had in a long time.
  • California School Library Association (CSLA) members who have been through the course (including me) will "cheer on" participants who are taking the course over the summer. We really want you to succeed and cheering and otherwise encouraging one another along the way is a key part of the "summer 2.0 fun" experience.
  • School Library Learning 2.0 is the first and only learning 2.0 program designed especially for K12 library folks and with California Curriculum Connections.
  • School Library Learning 2.0 is the first and only learning 2.0 program that includes avatars. Why? Because in addition to it being fun, school teacher-librarians and their colleagues need to model safe Internet behavior to students--student photos and glamor shots don't belong on blogs for the whole wide world to see!
  • School Library Learning 2.0 participants can also get academic credit (2 units)--a nice incentive for teacher-librarians and other teachers. The link to Fresno Pacific University's Continuing Education registration site is now available. See and go to the "About" section for details.
  • I encourage you to take a look at my blog and those maintained by other test drivers to see what we were able to accomplish in our nine weeks. It's been a great deal of fun and I am planning on keeping my blog going. After all, with things moving at the pace they have been we really cannot afford to ever stop learning.
  • And finally, I hope by the end of the nine weeks you'll see just how wonderful belonging to a learning community can be!

Dejong’s Place

June 2007

Randy de Jong

This course will continue to be an good experience. Thing #23 has just become a temporary resting point before continuing the journey. I have enjoyed and needed the opportunity to learn what is out in cyberspace. I had seen many of these tools in use, but didn't know how to harness them. Most of the course took me to places to become "almost proficient" and then gave me latitude to choose to "make do" or explore and learn more.

I think the course was very helpful. I have gained a great deal of knowledge about blogging and the many potential uses associated with a blog. I entered the course with the desire to find a specific end result for my own need (how to use a blog for a reference log). I have gotten all my answers and so much more. Thank you for sharing the guideposts that allowed me to navigate the course.

Randy de Jong, future librarian

I know enough to know I don't know enough.

Posted by Randy de Jong at 7:44 AM 5 comments Links to this post

Ms Mac, Library Lady


San Jose, CA High School Teacher Librarian

Sighhh, the end of this journey is here. I have really enjoyed it and appreciated the comments and the opportunity to expand my knowledge.

1. My favorite discoveries or exercises were many:
--the flikr tools and mashups. I haven't quite figured out how I will utilize this with my high schoolers, but I liked playing.
--the power of wikis which I'm hoping I will develop and use throughout the year in the library with classes. I'm convinced this is a great collaborative tool for kids and adults
--RSS reader, I'm now hooked on keeping up with the various blogs and websites that I'm tracking. I get my CALIB in digest form and read it all at once, the reader allows me to do the same with other library information.

2. Learning is what keeps me fresh!

3. I don't know that there were any big surprises, but the big takeaway is my comfort with blogging has increased.

4. I don't have any suggestions for improvement. This worked well for me and my style. I liked the self-pacing format.

5. Yes, I would probably do this again.

6. Discover a new dimension

Bookapalooza! A library media teacher's meanderings about school library services and more.

August 2007

Well, this has been a very good program and it was very worthwhile. My own schedule was my biggest challenge. I started off quickly with the first lessons in April or May, and I thought I would have plenty of time during the summer to complete the program easily. But this summer turned out to be a real bear -- First, we hosted a student from Germany for a month, showing him all over California. Then we started an addition of a family room over our garage. Throw in teaching summer school, coaching a team, a cruise to Alaska and a few camping trips with family and the summer was gone! So I have spent the last few days "cramming" in the last few lessons. Many times I considered just giving it up for now, but I am glad I persevered because I was exposed to so many new sites, services, tools and ideas that have given me new inspiration as I begin this new school year.

My favorite lessons were on podcasts and wikis. This is the stuff I am really interested in applying to my own library web site this school year and that I have been trying to learn more about, so for me that was right on target.

Because of the way my schedule turned out to be so much more crazy than expected, I really liked the flexibility of this program -- we could cater it to our own lives. There were a few times that I became really frustrated with trying to upload or import something that just wouldn't take. I was able to leave it for a while and come back at a time when I could be more patient to work my way through it -- very valuable to me because I DID figure it out eventually.

I don't know of anything that could be done to administer this program differently; it worked well for me and I feel as though I have learned quire a lot and now I know where to go for more information about these topics. Maybe you could add a 24-hour telephone help line?? If you offered another "self discovery" program such as this one, I would probably participate. You can't beat the price and it is inspiring to read over 100 "handles" on the list of librarians who participated in this program.

In a word or phrase, this program was... an inspiring opportunity for librarians to serve students better by learning to use technology in California's school libraries. Thank you for all of the hard work and creativity that went into developing the lessons!

Posted by bookapaloozalmt2 at 4:48 PM

Happy Trails

July 2007

Wow! When I started School Library Learning 2.0 I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew time was going to be a challenge as I was finishing up CLAD courses, too. Once I finished the CLAD courses, I was able to devote more time to learning Library 2.0. I quite enjoyed learning all the "Things." So here are my responses to the prompts:

  1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? My favorite discoveries were Library Thing and fd's Flickr Toys. I love being able to keep my book list on Library Thing and having the random books displayed on my blog. It adds so much color to the page. As for fd's Flickr Toys, I know it is something I can use to promote my library to my patrons.
  2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? This program assisted me in learning about new available free technologies that I can use as a librarian or use personally. With some of these I feel I have just scratched the surface and will come back to learn more. Awhile back I started a book review blog for my students and staff on edublogs. I would post a book after I read it. It is a very simple blog. After using Blogger, I will probably spend some time this month switching Book Trail over to Blogger because Blogger offers some more features and is pretty easy to use know that I have been blogging regularly. I stated in an earlier posting that I used dabble in photography and now have a desire to learn more in depth about digital photography. This sparked a conversation with a colleague of mine who is a photographer. He mentioned that the local community college offers evening courses in digital photography should I want to learn more. So I am going to look into a spring course to see if it will fit into my schedule. Participating in this course also gave me the courage to try something I have been putting off. This month I hired a personal trainer and "re-joined" my gym after ten years of minimal physical activity. I have committed to spending several hours a week to some fitness training and I am going to attempt to learn yoga. While fitness training, I may even learn some Spanish from the available free podcasts I found. I've always been pretty good at working on my professional side but this class has also given me the desire to apply some lifelong learning to my personal life.
  3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? Library Thing was definitely a pleasant surprise. I found many take-a-ways. Free podcasts and eBooks were a great discovery. Zoho, fd's Flickr Toys, You Tube, Teacher Tube, and Rollyo are "things" that I will definitely share with others and use again throughout the year.
  4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program's format or concept? I liked the self-paced learning aspect of the program and I felt the amount of what we had to learn for the summer was doable and allowed for flexibility. For some reason I completely missed the place where you could e-mail someone on the team if you needed tech support within the program. (Reading carefully over the About page, I see that offer listed under #9). In my eagerness to get started, I missed this. My only suggestions would be to put some troubleshooting steps linked to each activity (similar to the Weekly Tips) on the page with the activity and to locate the Weekly Tips in two places. One where the tips are currently located and on the activity page itself so learners can put the tip into action as they work on the activity.
  5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? I would participate in future. I liked the flexibility of the program and the self-pacing. I appreciated that the technology was free.
  6. How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities? I wasn't aware that there was so many free technology applications readily available that I could use to support my library, staff and students.

OWE Library 2

August 2007

Sacramento Teacher Librarian

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 6

6) How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
To use a quote from Oliver Twist, and emphasize the pleading tone:
"Please sir, may I have some more?"

oweLMT21 comments

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 5

5) If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
This is the easiest question to answer: Yes, yes, yes!!!

oweLMT20 comments

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 4

4) What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
That's a hard one. It was pretty awesome.
It could be downsized or broken down into portions for those that can't commit to a long session.
For some it may have been too overwhelming to start, but if they did one section, say just blogging and Nings, or Library Thing and ebooks, and got to the finish line easily and quickly, then they may want to move on to another. It would be like finishing a book and wanting to read another, as opposed to reading a chapter and thinking they'll never finish the book.
I would like this to be directed towards general teachers.
Maybe it could be promoted by offering hours per "section" instead of all 18 or nothing. Once started I bet many people will not be able to stop!
I think you had the right momentum by introducing avatars and Flikr toys early on to demonstrate how creative one can get with these tools - the fun of learning.
I plan to show my movie poster sample early on in the school year to get attention "how did you make that?" "Oh, its, easy - here let me show you" (being sure it is bookmarked and at my fingertips - no good fumbling when you want to demonstrate how easy something is) - leading to other "easy" things to learn in short periods of time.

oweLMT20 comments

Week 9 Thing 23 reflections 3

3) Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
It surprised me how much I could learn in so short a time. (I did compress it into just over 1 week because of other time commitments.) The terminology comes easily now because I have experienced, not just heard about the tools. The nicest thing was the connection made with my teenager. I thought it would help communications and our relationship to know more about her interests, but it went beyond that. My husband, who works with computers and networking from a hardware end, was supportive. I've gained more respect from him. I think my service to others at the school will show improvement too, which may lead others into learning more in time. This could have a domino effect.

oweLMT23 comments

Week 9 Thing 23 - reflections 2

2) How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
School Library Learning 2.0 made some of the things I wanted to learn so easy with its scaffolding and exploring opportunities. My goal to be a lifelong learner has been made more accessible. I won't have to miss training that is held during my working hours when I can go online and learn at my own pace and on my available time. I can learn from home more easily now that I've found out that free stuff out there is pretty good and isn't messing up my computer. The learning curve for using it has been flattened. So the use if it is more accessible and learning, while using instead of in order to use, has become more rewarding. What am I saying? The tools for learning have made learning easier and more fun and therefore more learning can take place.

oweLMT20 comments

Week 9 thing 23 - reflections 1

1) What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I really liked the ease of creating personalized items in Flikr Toys. I can use the Movie Poster for awarding students in a way that makes them feel much more special. I liked adding my travel photos to a map. I can see great potential there for visuals in social studies: Westward movement, The missions, the colonies, Native American tribes, etc.
Library Thing is a great tool for promoting new books. It is also a new way to promote "reading programs" like CYRM, especially combined with podcasts of book talks on the novels (if I can find them).
I actually liked blogging, which I didn't expect to. The networking can be addictive.
And I like discovering that signing up and using these free programs is so easy now. Other than my experience with Yahoo's music machine, which brought back memories of past frustrations trying to use a new program, the ease of use and speed of delivery was - is - amazing and gratifying.

California Dreamin' by Rob Darrow ...about online learning, education and libraries

Rob Darrow, “Test Driver” and leadership team for SLL2.0

Clovis, CA

June 2007

I have been following a number of the California School Library Learning 2.0 blogs. We have all learned how important it is to tag things in certain ways so we can find each other.

CSLA2.0 blogger points out: “Tagging your blog makes it easier to search. If this were a commercial blog I would want my blog to come up in as many search engines and blog searchers as possible.”

Bibliomaniac observes that: “All these millions of young people looking for the meaning of life, posting their khaki lives of heartache. They seem so hopeless, it makes me ask; Has Social Networking become the Soma of the 21st century?

Some great videos have been created by these participants. Take a look at “What a book can do for you” and “thank you video” from Bibliomaniac.

The Curriculum Connections Wiki we are using for SLL2.0 continues to grow. One idea shared by Randy DeJong suggested creating a magazine picture to introduce a new unit or book.

There are now over 100 people participating in SLL2.0. There is still time for you to join!

Tools with Ideas : Posting web tools with classroom ideas.

July 2007

Joan, California Librarian

Here is a screen shoot from Walk 2 Web which visually summarizes my learning experience. Many things I learned here can be linked together to strengthen my collaborations with faculty and the library program. A simple example : the images I learned to generate added to my future wikis make them appealing.
Thank you CSLA. This was a fun learning experience and an inspiration for me in sharing these tools with my coworkers.

Comet librarian LMT2


It’s been a busy nine weeks. My stated goal for the journey was to have the sense that I am not three steps behind the students when it comes to Web 2.0. I think I am gained on them. Although, with mash-ups and evolving technology, I may always be one step behind, I feel much more comfortable with the concepts and vocabulary. Some of the things I enjoyed playing with, like the image generators, probably won’t replace the tools I already use. Others are new tools in the arsenal against ignorance. Looking at my previous posts, I can see where each new tool caused me to rethink a task that the students or teachers perform. Some of them, like my library science students’ procedure books popped up multiple times as I tried new tools, so I will need to assess the differences in how each one could be used before I finalize the assignment. I will also need to present changes to our tech coordinator and administrative team, so that I have backing for having students on “social” networking sites and can be sure that we don’t run into blocks on the system.
I appreciated learning some new tools for my own continuing education. Both writing my own and reading other people’s blogs challenges me to look at new ideas. The RSS feeds will continue to keep me updated on developments in the library field. The discussions about tagging have me thinking about the way students deal with knowledge, making me more open to looking at searching in different ways. LibraryThing may lead to my finally getting my books organized and deciding which books no longer match my interests and should be passed on to someone else.
One thing I hadn’t thought about before starting was that my spell checker needed educating as much as I did. I wish I had kept a list of the words that I added to the dictionary.
I liked the format of the program. Dividing the Things into 9 weeks made it easy to monitor progress and was a motivator for keeping with the program. Having over 3 months to pull the 9 weeks from made it less stressful and allowed for vacation breaks or just unexpected events. Having the September 1 deadline encourages me to finish. There were times when I was slightly overwhelmed by something new, but there was a lot of encouragement available. One of the best parts of the format was that it gave me a framework to work from. I had been to excellent sessions at CSLA Conferences where enthusiastic presenters introduced blogs, wikis and podcasts, but it wasn’t until I did the 23 Things that I could understand and appreciate the value of these web 2.0 tools. When you decide to offer another discovery program like this, I will definitely want to participate. The 23 Things gave me an excellent way to model lifelong learning for my students.

Posted by Comet librarian 2 at 8/28/2007 10:45:00 PM

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August 2007

As to my favorite moments using SLL 2.0, I'd include the Rollyo on dyslexia as it was so quick to put together having a Special Ed. background. also was exciting since it looks like it could be easily organized and then searched by teachers and students. It was a special joy to be following directions that worked. This gave me courage. Perhaps I will go forward into HTML and setting up web pages.

It was quite a pleasant surprise to locate an old friend while playing with the blogging spots. I am a great believer in serendipitous searching. However, as there is so much on the web, this overview of 2.0 tools sped up what could have taken much longer.

There are probably a couple one-sentence comments to be made about this experience. One is that knowing about the internet can be real power with many young people.

The blog will prove to be helpful as a teaching reflection site. I will remember to include noteworthy yet relevant keywords so blog searches will pick up the ones I wish to share.

Library 2.0 Test Drive


Jamie Boston Middle School Teacher Librarian (test driver and leadership team)

Davis, CA

Members of the CSLA 2.0 Team met f2f for the first time since putting this program together. Here are some of our team members gathered in the AT&T Executive Briefing Center in San Francisco (Front: Connie Williams, CSLA VP of Communications; Jackie Siminutus, Library Advocate from AT&T. Back: Jamie Boston, LMT from Davis Joint Union School District, Rob Darrow, Coordinator of Libraries, Clovis Unified School District.)
Our group learned that at this point in the summer, there are 125 participants in California and another 65 people from outside of California participating. Over the next months, the members of the CSLA 2.0 Team will be presenting the SLL2.0 concept at a variety of workshops. We will have a special awards ceremony at the CSLA
There is still time for you to join! conference in November.

2008 (Year 2) –



Week 9, #23

Wow! How to summarize this program in one word or sentence? Challenging! Eye-opening! School Library Learning 2.0 provided me with the kind of professional development and learning experience that previously has been available only through CSLA, AASL and ALA annual conferences or weekend workshops. Breaking the tools to learn into manageable pieces reduced the material into a format that became approachable and less intimidating. My personal gratitude goes to Connie Williams, Jackie Siminitus, Rob Darrow, Jamie Boston and all the other CSLA members who give their time and expertise so generously and graciously.
Setting up the program so that the participant completes each element with a blog post creates the kind of learning experience we recommend for our students: looking back over the process to reflect on what was learned and how to capture the positive parts while trying something different for those that weren't satisfactory. This reminds me of the last item in the Big 6, which is the evaluation part. Most often students and teachers do not devote any time to either evaluating the actual process that helped the student develop the final product or to examining how to do the research differently the next time. Keeping these thoughts and reflections in a blog enables the learner to go back and remember each piece of the learning puzzle. I plan to redo several of the elements that I would like to improve, like my librarian trading card "mashup." In addition, getting feedback from others through a blog gives both good suggestions and a friendly boost to the learner. I am interested in looking at other blogs in this program to see the same "things" through other eyes. In addition, the reflection process in creating each blog post helped me think of applications for the tools I was learning. I already have several projects I have reviewed with my district's technology director, and have received the okay to move forward. One is a wiki for students to interact with each other about books and genres they like, and the other is a school history wiki.
Having been a teacher librarian in California since 1973, I am glad to keep learning; this is what keeps the profession up to date and vital!

Posted by Renew LMT2 at 2:53 PM 7 comments

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2 Roads Taken :Much have I looked at the world with many different lenses, and much am I amazed at all of its wonders.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

week nine (finale)

This type of instructional programming is fantastic! I really enjoyed going through the exercises and learning a lot of the different things that were presented. I would suggest adding a video component (not You Tube per se), but one on creating your own videos. I can see many areas for this need: textbook check out, library procedures, library orientation, etc...

One sentence: You haven't lived until you're in the Web 2.0 world.

I would definitely participate in more of these types of activities.

libraryslim :Library2.0 Adventures for Life-Long Learning

August 2007

Marie Slim, Teacher Librarian, Fullerton, CA

  1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

I really use the RSS reader every day now, so that has been a great help in order to keep up with news, library blogs and technology blogs. I also love - it is so helpful, so intuitive and user-friendly. I'm going to try to use Wikis to collaborate with teachers and our district librarians, too.

  1. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

I have always considered technology part of my strengths, but after a leave of absence, my skills were getting rusty - I wasn't being challenged as much. This program has helped me remain "fresh" in the field of library science. I do consider myself a lifelong learner and this course helped a lot.

  1. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

Hmmm.... I was surprised that I could take vacations and still be able to complete this program. Oh - and I do love blogger too. One thing that is unexpected is how I have been able to post without having all my grammar and spelling and punctuation perfect. Usually it takes me forever to do something because I want it to be perfect. But I have been posting like it's no big deal, so that is good.

  1. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

I think it was great. I think there could be more publicity - I think ALL school librarians could learn a thing or two and it would give us all better bargaining power when it comes to our jobs being on the chopping block.

In terms of publicity, I saw it on CALIB in June, but it wasn't marketed as being something that would be so earth-shattering. This program rocked - I feel bad for those who didn't do it because they may not have known about it.

However, I have been in a kind of box. Ever since our superintendent tried to take away our full-time techs, the other district librarians and I have been working hard to save them. So I haven't been paying as much attention to CSLA and CALIB as I should - so maybe it was marketed hard and I didn't pay attention. Anyway, I'm glad I did this tutorial.

  1. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

YES, YES, YES. This is the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas. Love this stuff. It's so essential to our job.

  1. How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?

FUN! I never knew all of the fun there was in the world of Library2.0! THANKS SO MUCH to all of the coordinators and supportive staff!

Library Learner 2.0

Liz Dodds (test driver and leadership team) High School Teacher Librarian

Fresno, CA

· What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? I loved the blogging (didn't think I would), online image generator,, wikis, zoho, Library Thing and Youtube.

· How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? It is one of my on-going goals to keep up with technology like this, so this program fit in perfectly. It was so nice to have it all in one place, instead of learning about these things in a hit and miss manner.

· Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? I am using several of them in my library.

· What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept? It was hard to remember to go comment on other people's stuff and it was hard to come up with curriculum connections. The easiest part was doing the discovery exercise, then blogging about it.

· If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? Absolutely!

· How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities? Learn about different technologies in a simple, straightforward, user-friendly web class that you can do on your own time, at your own pace.

librarycard :The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many. John Naisbitt


Orange County, CA

This was a great experience for me. A couple of my favorite discoveries are Yahoo Travel Planner and Flickr. We took a fun vacation this summer and I was able to share it with my friends and family using Yahoo Travel Planner. Flickr will be something fun I can use for student book reviews.
Participating in this program has made me feel a little bit more in the know. There is so much out there to explore, it was nice to have a tour guide. It was great to get feedback from the CSLA School Library Learning 2.0 Team and others participating in the program. I loved checking out what others were up to. I was constantly visiting Ourlibrarymovesforward and Pagespace, they both had great ideas and experiences to read.
If another program like this was offered, I would totally do it. Every bit of information boosts the confidence. Trying new things can be intimidating, especially when given a deadline or time limit. Thank you so much for leaving plenty of time to explore.
Enlightening would be the word I would use to describe my experience.
p.s. Libladylib I dedicate this post to you!!

Napa High Books

Thank you, CSLA, for this exercise. Indeed, this has been a voyage of discovery for me since I have been to sites I have not heard of before or have heard about but had no real reason or incentive to try them out. Following your directions has taken me to these sites and given me goals to achieve with them. Previously I have been hesitant to log onto new sites and download things because I believed each new connection created cookies on my computer slowing it down. Consequently I never explored very much. Either that isn't so much a concern any more or I have a better computer than I thought (thanks to my husband).
I really appreciated learning about Zoho and Library Thing. I had never heard about these before and I can't wait to share them at school. I will definitely keep my own account with Library Thing. It will be fun to try and remember all the books I've read. The Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki will be added to my school favorites list and I promise to add any projects that might inspire others.
The other sites I have learned about will sit in the back of my mind waiting for an opportunity to pop out and be shared as a teaching tool.
I hope I will have an opportunity to help a teacher or department set up a wiki and maintain it for them.
I will also add more links to ebooks on our OPAC and find a way to make the students more aware of them. I want to track down the hand held readers and see if we can incorporate them in our program.
Since I have not been committed to a learning project for quite some time, it was fun buckling down, following a syllabus, and completing exercises. The format was well laid out and I appreciated the flexiblity to start when I was able to and proceed at my own speed. The only pressure to finish was from myself and I am proud I followed it through to the end. I now have the confidence to pursue more classes. I would jump at the opportunity for more learning from CSLA!

Like Mikey in the old cereal commercial - I tried it and I liked it!

OC LibraryLand

July 2007

Coordinator for District Library Services

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I really liked, and am using regularly, Not only can I find my bookmarks anywhere, but on special topics I can see what others are finding--what a great collaboration tool. I also want to explore blogs and wikis for our library techs and me to use for communication. Our monthly meetings could involve more training if we could communicate the housekeeping chores via a blog or wiki.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I have really balked at learning about Web 2.0 tools. I didn't think I could handle all of this information, but I am so glad this opportunity was offered. It has changed the way I view Web 2.0. I can do this! That's what I find most amazing. I want to share this with our Instructional Technology Trainers (ITTs) because they are the ones willing to explore new products/ideas in technology. I think they would run with some of these ideas. I see myself as the advocate for opening up some of these sites in order for the ITTs to explore Web 2.0 tools with their students.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
That I would turn into an advocate for opening up some of these Web 2.0 sites for instructional use
AND encourage my colleagues to participate in this online opportunity (I already e-mailed all of the ITTs about this).

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
At the beginning, some exercises were very time-consuming and it was overwhelming. Left to explore on our own during the latter exercises was very beneficial. I definitely liked the exercises where we had to post to our blog what we did/produced. You have to "do" in order to "learn."

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
A definite YES!!! Summer is the best time; I felt I had the time to devote to this project. I don't think I would have worked as hard as I did if this opportunity had been during the school year.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?



Southern California librarian

My favorite discoveries and exercises were the picture things, Flickr and all the toys, YouTube for education (and fun) and the mash ups we discovered. They seemed simple to use as I learned how to use them. I feel that one of the strengths of this program has been the way the lessons progressed and built on what I learned as I went along. Even when I was using a tool I might have tried before, I still learned something. I'm going to enjoy putting tools together for lessons. I think it was important for me to always be reminded to apply each thing to education and note a way I might use it at school. I think that by collecting these ideas on the wiki, it not only showed us one way to use a wiki, but it's building a great collection of ideas that we are sharing with each other and all of the other school librarians out there.

If I had anything to add to this, it would be some kind of "water cooler" where all of the participants could more easily communicate with each other and with the team. Maybe it could just be a page on the wiki where we just post a question or share an experience. The team has been great about responding to email, but we don't get the benefit of their answers to each other's questions. Maybe I'll go make a page for this on the wiki and see what shows up. I am looking forward to being a cheerleader for others who are participating.

I would definitely participate in another program like this and I have encouraged others to join us. There are so many additional "things" for us to explore and make our own, finding more of these new tools has truly become part of my life long learning. The entire "thing" was always fun for me and NEVER BORING! Harder sometimes than others, but never boring. (You can quote me on this, if you want to)

I plan to keep on posting on this blog and reading the other blogs. See you all on your blogs and at the CSLA Conference!

Goddess of Books :Reading books trains your mind and gives you wisdom. Knowledge and widsom train your mind. Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education. Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson (1894) US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)

K-5 Teacher Librarian, Hayward, CA

August 2007

I can't believe it. I made it finally. Our district Library and technology encouraged all of us ( 7 K-5 LMTS, 3 6-8, 3 high school) to do this. She promised us incentives if we completed it and I am competitive I love challenges. I also feel so technophobic and feel like I am a tech idiot compared to my other colleagues so I thought it would be something neat for me to try to learn. Two of my colleagues completed it way before me, but I was also teaching 3rd grade summer school so I had to go at a slower pace. Thanks to their comments of encouragement and those of other library 2,0 team members, I can now join the team.

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

  • setting up a blog was so cool and neat. My husband even decided to make one, but did not update like I did
  • Making images using imagechef, image generator, adding images to my posts
  • Making trading cards
  • Cataloging on Library Thing
  • Playing with You Tube, watching videos, and inserting them
  • getting comments from others including two of my favorite authors
  • Showing my husband and colleagues that even though I am not a tech goddess I can do it
  • networking more with other LMTS in my district

    2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

    I did an online class through Chapman and hated it. I also hated video generated classes. I never thought that I would get into an Online class like I did with this one. I was constantly checking my blog for comments and was even able to teach my tech god husband a thing or too and he says that I should not call myself a media pspecialist or teacher because I always need help. This program really built up my confidence that I could do it. I never thought I would get past week 2 because I had trouble with my avator. I also got to know two of my colleagues better. I am now thinking of teaching blogging to seniors as I don't know if I can do it with my students yet but maybe adults.

    3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? I never thought that my husband would make a blog. My colleagues have created a
    LMT and lesson plan exchange blog that is helping me to learn more ideas since we can't always meet all the time. I even was able to share some of my ideas with them which for me was a plus as I always felt inferior because I don't have their tech skills. I learned about things like Wikis, and rss feeds that I never knew existed. I plan on continuing my blog.

    4.What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept? I would prefer just thing numbers instead of weeks. Weeks maybe me feel like I was really behind.

    5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
    I feel so inferior and like a tech idiot compare to the other LMTS in my district. This discovery program really gave me the confidence to try new things. I would definately do it again.
    6. How would you describe your learning experience in
    ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities
    Awesome. It gave this tech newbie alot of self-confidence.

    I don't know how ready and confident I feel about teaching blogging to students, but I will continue to maintain my blog and also blog with the others LMTS in my district and show my colleagues and administrators my blog. Thank you for a wonderful class. i will also post comments to others that really encouraged me to keep going.

Resliblearning :"Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open." J. K. Rowling

July 2007

Wow! The end of the course!
First of all, let me thank each and everyone at CSLA who had a part in putting together this awesome experience. I can not believe the things I learned this summer that are happening in the Internet world. I really appreciate having this remarkable opportunity to expand my horizons and continue my life long learning. Thank you all so much.
I loved creating my own blog complete with avatar- decorating and "themeing" it. I guess of all the sites ZOHO would be my favorite. It has such incredible potential for use at our school and in our district. But I had a good experience at all the sites. I have put aside time this month to go back and revisit all the sites again to confirm what I remember and to really familiarize myself with them so that I can help students and staff access them easily.
I think the amount of satisfaction I derived from learning about all these new things was surprising to me. It really made me feel good about myself that I could learn and do these things that so many of my colleagues know nothing about. It also demonstrates the pride and professionalism that I bring each day to my "paraprofessional" position because I cared enough to do this on my own to take my skills and knowledge of the Internet to a new level.
I would love to do this type of "discovery" program again. It has been so "enriching" to have participated in Library 2.0.

kangaLMT2 :An exploration into the world of Web 2.0


I completed my survey, and am now thinking about what an incredible learning experience this has been. Many thanks to the 2.0 team for putting this together for us. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

There were so many discoveries that I made that I will be using this next year that I don't think I have one favorite. I would have to say the most useful to me was setting up my RSS feed. I have been able to follow fellow bloggers and other sites so efficiently. Others that I really enjoyed, and plan to use next year are LibraryThing, Flickr, PBWiki, and podcasting...not to mention blogging!

One of the aspects of this program that was most satisfying for me was the collegiality I experienced from other CSLA bloggers. I was always amazed when someone would comment on a post.....people really were reading my blog (and I was reading theirs). I think that is what really made it authentic for me. I hope that when the school year starts for us, many of us will continue to blog. I know I have several CSLA people on my RSS list. This just seems like such a great way to build and maintain our community.

I think the format of this program was great. I liked that it was a little structured, but there were places where we could go off track and serendipitously discover on our own. I would definitely sign up for another discovery program like this again. Summer was the best time to do this, because we weren't distracted by all the things that happen in our working lives. I know I probably spent way too much time at this, but I loved it! I will probably go through withdrawal now. The biggest challenge for me now is to figure out how to bring some of the teachers at my site along. If our tutorial stays online, I can refer them to the sections that they would find most useful, and guide them along. word or sentence? This was a great learning my sweats, with my cup of Peet's and my colleagues online every day. It was inspiring!

Library Blog

Middle School Teacher Librarian

Pasa Robles, CA

August 2007

Week 9 Activity 23 Boo Hoo

I am not ready for this to be over! My one word that best describes this learning experience is...


I am a life-long learner and SLL2.0 has been a motivational guide this summer. My favorite discoveries are using avatars and graphic captioners because they are fun and my students will love them. The most difficult tool for me to grasp was tagging using and now I can't imagine how I functioned without it.

I am anxious to get back to school to see how much access our district allows to blogs and wikkis. If we are able to use them with students, I will have lots of suggestions for how they can improve the research projects my collaborators traditionally do each year. And I have tagged some excellent podcasts and videos that will demonstrate to teachers the power of these tools.

I am sorry to have reached the end of this course, but of course, it is just the beginning of my new journey into the world of Web 2.0.Thank you, thank you, thank you to the creators and faciliators of the course. And another thank you to fellow participants who have made comments and suggestions to me and whose clever, creative blogs gave me ideas for my own.


July 2007

Amazing ! That’s how I’d sum up this online experience. There is still a lot I’m absorbing. I am so grateful that CSLA structured the experience during the summer so there would be time to do it. It has always taken me a long time to learn aspects of technology. I now feel more confident about a number of areas. I defintely plan to keep using LibraryThing, and I hope to keep up my blog as well. One reason I used WordPress was that anything with blog in the title is blocked by our school’s filters. There are so many other ideas floating around right now that I can’t wait to share with our library services supervisor in the district as well as the person I work with in our high school library. Thank you so much for waking me up to new ideas and tools to use to implement them !


Lafayette, CA

Library Speciialist

August 2007

# 23 My goal was to finish the 23 things before I had to start back to school. Now here I am on thing #23, reflecting back on all I've learned and all I hope to continue learning.

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

I'd heard about so many of the Web 2.0 things, but didn't really have a working knowledge of them. Now I feel that I at least understand what some of them are and can glimpse the possibilities for using them in an educational setting.
RSS Newsreaders: I subscribed to both Bloglines and Google Reader and am able to skim through local, national, and international news, favorite library blogs, new recipes, sports updates, and Unshelved in minutes each day. And I have a place to keep and listen to podcasts.
Library Thing: Such a fun way to track my summer reading and to see what others are reading and talking about
Ning: There's a social network for school librarians and recently a new group was created for elementary school librarians to discuss issues, ask questions, etc. It seems more personal to me than a listserv. No more wondering which computer I bookmarked a particular site on or getting home and discovering I didn't have the URL for a site I wanted to use
Wikis: I see lots of collaborative possibilities
Zoho docs: So many options for collaborative work, stored online, accessible wherever I have internet access
Podcasts: Finally, I have some understanding of how they're created, how to find and access them, and how to play them on my computer

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

I knew that there was so much about Web 2.0 that I wanted to learn, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. The structure and guidance offered in this program kept me focused; making my own discoveries and reading about others' discoveries kept me motivated.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I didn't expect to find so many things that I could use in my personal life. I've used RSS feeds, wikis,, Zoho docs for myself as well as for my professional growth. I've even been able to share things I've learned with my tech savvy husband and children!

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

I liked the week-by-week learn at your own pace structure, especially during the summertime when vacations and visitors can disrupt schedules. I also liked the way one or two people were readers/cheerleaders for participants. Sometimes you wonder if what you write on a website or blog is actually being read or just floating with millions of other words in cyberspace.
I would have liked some more direct way of connecting with others in the program. (Maybe a group on Ning?) I tried to look at others' blogs, but so many of us are in the program that I couldn't go back regularly to see what others were continuing to discover.
I read through all the suggestions on the wiki when I did that lesson, but haven't gone back to explore it again. Maybe a reminder link at the end or on the things page to remind us of it.
I also forgot about the tips page; I'd glanced over it when I started the program. Perhaps the appropriate tips could be on the specific pages for the different things, so that you could use them as/if you needed them.

5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

6. How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
It was a worthwhile challenge to explore new ways to communicate and collaborate using Web 2.0 technologies. STIMULATING!

I'm not entirely sure how much of what I've learned this summer I can use in our school as our district has concerns about and/or bans on certain things like student email, social websites, blogs, and wikis. But, at the very least, I plan to talk with my colleagues and staff about these things and do what we can. A recent blog by Joyce Valenza with data from a National School Board Association report on how students are using social networks primarily for learning may help.

Finally, thank you to all of you on the team who made this program possible. I've enjoyed learning as I played with each of the things. This is truly a beginning and I plan to keep on growing in knowledge of these things-and others that come along.

Bibliotecaria's Musings

August 2007

WEEK 9!! - THING 23!!!! - Wahoo!

I almost feel a bit giddy with accomplishment over completion of this exciting learning adventure. At the same time, it's a little sad that it's over. But wait! It's not over! I have just begun to BLOG!!

My favorite exercise was blogging, certainly. I think I had dismissed the idea that I would ever have need for a blog, so this was groundbreaking. It was great that the blog became the vehicle for responding to all our "Things," or learning experiences.

One of my lifelong learning goals has been to gain and apply as much tech knowledge as possible. This program was a huge assist. I loved having structure and support on the journey.

It was a bit surprising that everything was so "do-able." Looking at the 23 Things from the bottom up seemed to be rather monumental, but there was really not much frustration along the way.

I really cannot offer any suggestions to improve the program. Bravo to all of you! Yes, indeed, I would happily participate in another similar program.I hope the information will remain on the CSLA website over the course of the year, at least.

My one word for the entire experience would be "empowering." I just feel that this exposure to so many new concepts, resources and skills has given me power to expand what I have been doing and has opened the door to a vast number of new possibilities.

Thank you, CSLA, for a meaningful, quality learning experience!!


August 2007

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Library 2.0 refers to a model of library service that, like Web 2.0 on the internet, is flexible and open to change, constantly updated and reevaluated, and relies on user feedback in the design and implementation of effective new services. I would hope that these are traits that we are already practicing in our school libraries and that the tools that we have acquired this summer will serve as reminders and motivators to best meet the needs of the communities that we serve.

The challenge is to integrate what we already know (and, in many cases, do) about best practices with some of the great new tools that we have been invited to explore through this class.

  • For the last year I have been researching how best to offer audio books to elementary school students. I have tested books with CDs, Follett's "Playaways" and gathered information from services such as and All of which are a great use of available technology BUT: where is 'flexible', 'open to change' or 'constantly updated and reevaluated' in this delivery model? I am now considering a model in which students read and record books (like Librivox).
  • I have wanted a forum for student book reviews but lacked a clear vision of how to solicit and where to post them. Perhaps a wiki would meet that goal?
  • I am considering re-purposing my blog from this summer as a tool for my library: sharing what's new, linking to video and audio sources, offering the tool I developed in Rollyo for age-appropriate book reviews and recommendations, etc.

At the beginning of this course, I wrote:

"Libraries and lifelong learning go hand in hand - each brings you to the other. Those of us who love and live in libraries are both learners and facilitators of learning. The more we learn, the better we can facilitate the learning of those who use our libraries. My goal for Library Learning 2.0 is to expand my knowledge of new technology available to libraries and select those tools that will work best for my library and its users. I will learn new skills; my school community will receive expanded services; we will all learn together... My greatest challenge is the last 1/2 habit: to play! ... My greatest challenge will be reminding myself to play and finding ways for others to play with what I have learned."

I have certainly met my goal of expanding my knowledge base. I am learning to use and apply new tools, although proficiency will take both time and practice. And as for play? Well, I still have ten days left of summer vacation!

I would absolutely participate in another program if it was offered. Bring it on! (And please continue to offer the option of credit. I was able to include this course as part of a professional development plan with my district.)

The keywords I would use to describe my experience are: lifelong learning, library tools, flexibility (of both thought and practice), openness to change, democratization, discovery. My thanks to the entire team.


August 2007

  1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? Discovering that everything on the Web is moving at warp speed and I need classes like this to stay ahead of the students that visit the library daily. My favorite exercise was learning the world of "". I use it daily!
  2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? It's provided great tool to use on the internet super highway.
  3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? It's amazing how many free tools were available to me on the web.
  4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept? Everything was easy follow.
  5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? Yes
  6. How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities? Covenant and intuitive.

Library Lady Log LMT

July 2007

Karen Cole, Teacher Librarian



Thank you one and all for making this such a worthwhile and fun experience.
I shall have a margarita or two in your honor.
Here's to a job well done, on your part and mine!

Week 9, Thing 23

1. My favorite discoveries were LibraryThing and the Flickr mash-ups.
2. The entire process encourages me to continue to explore and learn about the new technologies and resources. I will also share much of what I learned with my colleagues and students.
3. The ease of blogging (and most of the other activities) was a pleasant surprise, as was the sheer number of tools and resources available for free.
4. Perhaps a bit more feedback and encouragement would be helpful for those who may not be as comfortable with technology or who become frustrated with some of the more difficult activites.
5. If a similar program is offered in the future, I will definitely participate.
6. To describe the experience in one word, I would have to say "enlightening". The program gave me a reason to play and explore online and to discover some incredible tools and resources that I would otherwise not have taken the time to find.

Stacks and Beyond: School Library 2.0

Head Librarian, LMT



Week 9 Thing 23 - The End

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
Some of the discoveries I really enjoyed:
Blogging, Creating images, Exploring the world of WIKIs, Listening to Podcasts,
The idea of having a blog for the library appeals to me more and more. I like the interact nature of the medium. Also, it would be a great way to incorporate student participation in the library.

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
This program has assisted my lifelong learning goals by providing an easy to use platform for discovering Web 2.0 tools. I’ve wanted to learn more about the features in the discoveries for quite a while but thought I would have to take a class at a school or a library to gain exposure to the tools. Now, I have a firmer foundation of Library 2.0 skills to continue to build on in my pursuit as a lifelong learner.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I was surprised by the difference in the learning experience when I worked on a PC compared to Mac. I’m really a Mac person at heart so I will be looking for more tools that I can use that work hand in hand with Safari and other popular Mac features.
I'd also like to be able to share this experience with the teachers at my school. I think many of them would be interested in doing these activities and thinking about how they could use the resources in their classroom.

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
I joined the learning experience a bit late so I think I missed out on some of the feedback. It’s hard not to feel like you're blogging into dead air.

I would recommend that if any of the “discoveries” require specific software or system requirements that they be listed in the explanation of the task. I know it would have saved me a headache.

5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
I would be interested in participating.

6. How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
At times the School Library Learning 2.0 experience was awesome, frustrating, mind-blowing, confusing, but overall rewarding.

Our Library Moves Forward :"Let every sluice of knowledge be opened and set a-flowing. John Adams, 1765


Thanks for this great opportunity to propel me into a lifelong learner. Web2 is so interesting. Web3 and 4, here I come. This really has been quite an experience. I am so glad I got on board.

My favorite exercise has to be online generators. My most treasured, has to be

I have tagged my sites and now am tagging everyones elses. I have created blogs for my grandkids. It is a great way to keep up with them. I see their school work as they tell me about it.

I did reach my goals of viewing problems as challenges. The challenges were many. This did take many more hours than I expected. I was feeling pretty challenged mentally most of the time. Then ......satisfaction when I was able to compete the task. I know I drove my friends nuts with my enthusiasm, BUT.....there isn't another feeling as strong as satisfaction

Change this tutorial? No way! It may be helpful to include a few ideas on how each excercise can be used in the school library.

Would I sign up for more tutorials? - You bet.

Describe my learning experience in a word or sentence? Mind boggling!

Thank you to the entire CSLA School Library Learning 2.0 Team

I really appreciate your kind words and support. Thank you to the other lifelong learners for your kind comments and e-mails.

To quote and answer the team, This is not the end of my learning journey, but the start of something amazing.....................Thank you.

Life-Long Learning


Favorite discoveries:
Custom Searches with Rollyo and Google Search both work well, but I like the Google version better. This is definitely a tool I will use often with our students.
PBwiki, what a great collaboration tool and not just for students. I see this as having a real impact in improving our school wide community. I am working on a library one but I see lots of other uses especially with our staff, meeting agendas and sharing of teaching ideas.
Visit my wiki. The magic word is runner. It definitely needs lots of work and I am sure our students will provide lots of ideas and inspiration. I am thinking about locking the AUP page but that is relatively expensive so I'll wait and see what happens.

Life-Long Learning Goals:
I am no longer afraid that the technology will overwhelm me. I have learned to try new things, not be afraid to fail and keep going. There will always be new “things” to learn and do. Our students deserve the very best I can provide.

Just about everything.
RSS feeds have greatly changed the way I view family and friends blogs. The professional blogs have been eye opening and very educational. There are so many wonderful, creative teachers and librarians surrounding me that I will never lack for inspiration.

Do differently:
If there could be some way to encourage more interaction among the participants, maybe comment on another blog each week. I found the comments very encouraging from the team but was elated when a fellow participant commented. The team has been wonderful and I treasure all the input. As so many others before me have said: Thank you!

Participate in another:
Yes, for sure. This was a great experience for me. I don’t think I would attempt one during the school year as I would get too far behind.

One word:
I guess that dates me. I am proud of what I have accomplished.

One Step Ahead : My continuing effort to stay one step ahead of the students...


Menlo School, Atherton, CA


This has been a wonderful way to gather some new ideas and take a break from my usual summer activities (inventory, weeding, dusting, organizing paper piles!). This activity made me take the time to experience things I had only heard about; since it's summer I have the time to incorporate some of these ideas into next year's planning. At the very least, I will be disappointed if I can't get one teacher to do a group project via wiki.

Regarding lifelong learning: it's always nice to take a class that someone else has organized! This was very well put together, and I think it did a good job of reaching people at many different levels of experience. I was already familiar with some of the activities, but this made me take the time to think about what I already do and consider some new approaches. Having been exposed to many different online activities, I can go back on my own and pursue some of them further. I will certainly keep up the blog - I have wanted to start one anyway and I hate to waste what I already have in place!

One word/one sentence to describe the experience: how about "fun for the whole family"! I shared what I've seen online with my kids who think much of it is pretty cool. Actually what I like the most is the interactive nature of this project. I SO appreciated the nice comments (thanks IrmaPince!) and I enjoyed reading other blogs. I don't in any way consider myself "finished" with this project - having completed all my "things" I can now go back and spend more time with other people's blogs and with the 2.0 site itself. For example I only found the Tips section tonight :-/

I hope there is a Round Two version next year. Thank you for all the effort that went into designing such a great summer learning activity.

Web 2.0 Newbie

Leslie Linsky

San Jose, CA

July 2007

Thanks so much for providing the tutorial. I learned so much and enjoyed it immensely. Below are my reflections.

My favorite discoveries:
1. Ways to promote books and have an interactive conversation about books through my library website with audio and video podcasts, blogging, LibraryThing.
2. Tools (Wikis, Zoho) to use to collaborate with staff in producing pathfinders and bibliographies that tie library and classroom resources to curricular topics.
3. Ways to efficiently and effectively access, file and organize information on the Internet in order to stay up-to-date with my professional development with news readers and

How has this assisted with my learning:
Hugely... introduced me to Library 2.0 and now I'm tapped into the conversation on the blogosphere to continue learning. I'm not always able to get to the conferences so this online tutorial was ideal.

Unexpected outcomes:
That I got so into the tutorial. Enjoyed it immensely, learned a lot.

If we offered another would you participate?

Describe learning experience in one sentence:
It blew my mind.

Queen's Quarters : "I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!" ~spoken by Alice in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"

Library Media Technician

Placentia, CA


This has been an amazing journey with lots of surprises. Now that the new school year is about to begin, I have been rejuvenated to share all this fun stuff. Our computer aide is really going to fall in love with everything. I can't wait to present the program in our first staff meeting and invite our entire staff to embark on their own journey.

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

My favorite discoveries were Image Generators and Flickr. I believe it is the kid in me.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

It has forced me to stop and try to think outside of the box. I am sometimes a little timid when coming up with ideas for fear that they will either fail or flop.'s long as I learn something!

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

I did not think that the majority of these tools could be used in the elementary setting. Kids certainly couldn't handle this. Once I stepped out of the above box and put things in a child's perspective, I realized that there was something for everyone, every age. It just means a little more effort may be required.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

I would have liked a blog/site that we could go to ask questions and view responses. The Team was always just an email away but I would have enjoyed reading what others were questioning. The Sandbox did have the "Water Cooler" section that is being designed. I think it will become a popular hangout.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

Absolutely. Technology is always going to be moving forward. Weren't 45's the rage not too long ago?

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?


Irmapince - you can finally go to sleep
libladylib - thank you for "nudging" me into this

Posted by Queen of Hearts at 9:19 PM

Latte Lover Library2 Winter Fun 2.0 : Created in an effort to keep up with my kids and try to learn something they don't already know about technology!


Elementary school library/MLIS student

Lafayette, CA

I did enjoy working on the 23 things, and have definitely taken away some useful tools that I can use in my personal, academic and professional life. The importance of continuing to learn and apply the things I learn to what I do is critical. Keeping up with technology only serves the purpose of working in the field of libraries and information.

One of my favorites is the delicious bookmarking site. I even journaled about my LIBR202 tags that gave my professor good laugh (that LIBR202 is a delicious tag!) and me full points on my journal. I also really liked learning about the free audio books. If I start going back over all the things I take away from this, it's hard to pick a top 5 or even 10 list. I guess I can say that I take away a renewed sense of continuing to learn be it on my own, through school or through programs like this one.

I look forward to SchoolLibraryLearning3.0!

LMT Techie in Progress



This Web2.0 course has been awesome! I have learned so much by taking the time each week to explore the recommended sites. I was able to go at my own pace and spend more time in the areas that were new to me. I wish the course would be updated every so often with new sites and tasks so that I could keep learning! School is starting next week and I am excited to share with teachers many of the ideas that have come from this course. I love technology!


August 2007

I think I am going to get this finished before the deadline!

I don't know that I had a favorite discovery. Has it affected my lifelong learning? Well, no, I like to think that that was a habit of mine anyway. Would someone please offer to support my husband and me so that we could just spend our time on a university campus going to school?

There are some things that I was particularly glad to learn to do. I don't think I will become a habitual blogger, but I am glad I know how. I believe it is one of my jobs as a technology leader at my school to gently guide other staff members to tools that can facilitate their teaching and student learning. I would do this again, and would hope that "you" would continue to keep the rest of us informed about all the new stuff, and how to use it. For my part, I will explore all the new tools I read about, and will do my best to share them with my colleagues.

(What do I still need to do? I need to figure out how to get a picture on this thing. The "Add image" button is not working in Netscape. If I still had lots of time to do this I might persists and get it done, but for now, since it is close to the final hours, my blogs are just going to have to stand without pictures.

The Inquiring LMT

September 1, 2007 – just before midnight!

Terry Lai, Middle School Teacher Librarian


YAHOO!!!! I made it before midnight on September 1. I still have a lot more investigating to do. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface.

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I know that I gravitate to some of the technologies more than others like podcasts, wikis, blogs, zoho writer or google docs. But Library Thing has me EXCITED. I can hardly wait to add
ALL my books to this tool. It will be fabulous to see how my Library TAs do with this; I will also introduce it to the staff.

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

This has made me want to learn more. I want to disseminate to other educators. I want to wake them up to Web 2.0 and assist them in putting pizzaz in their curriculum.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

I was surprised at how much is out there and how many people are invloved. With templates it is easier to make a web presence quickly. I was surprised at how much I got into some parts, went off into other resources,
AND bits and pieces from other workshops fell into place. SLL 2.0 helped me to "think out of the box" about Library programming for students and teachers.

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

Since I have a Mac it would help to have a new window open when I click on links from SLL 2.0 page so if I shut out of the link I don't have to reopen SLL 2.0.

5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

YES, definitely. It is so very important for Librarians to keep current in many areas but especially technology since it changes so quickly, and it is so interactive/ social.

6. How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?

I feel this program really stretched me out of my comfort zone. It has started me thinking about updated programming and web page changes.

Terry Lai, SFUSD Teacher Librarian



I do not see YouTube as a valuable tool for the education community. They catalog videos using 12 categories. This method creates a need to wade through a lot of rubbish before finding anything appropriate. The site also lacks a means for users to filter their searches. Our district blocks students from accessing YouTube but they do allow access to teachers. I queried our Director of Information Technology about the district's decision to block YouTube. He informed me that the primary reason for blocking it was because the content is often inappropriate and there is no means to filter appropriate videos from inappropriate ones. Additionally, it tends to suck up to much bandwidth creating other problems. I do not see any component of this site that would offer anything of value to our webpage. I would prefer to rely on United Streaming and TeacherTube.

For the podcasts activity I had to get a password from our IT dept. that would allow me to bypass the district's Websense filter. I browsed through,, Yahoo podcasts (which is shutting down
10/31/07 - hmmm!), and the Educational Podcast Directory ( The Educational Podcast Directory is the only site that wasn't blocked by our Websense filter. It was also the site that I found to have the podcasts that were most relevant. Sirsi Dynix Institute has made available multiple podcasts that would be of interest to librarians. I listened to "Teen Second Life: Library Services in a 3D World." I can see how podcasts can be utilized for teacher/librarian professional training. Podcasts could be a great asset to our home/hospital students. We can provide them with pre-chosen, teacher prepared podcasts that would cover the subject area that they are missing at school.

I missed the opportunity to download from World eBook Fair for free. eBooks and audio books can be put to use in a school in a variety of ways. It is a great venue for reluctant readers, ELL, foreign language classes as well as another great resource for home/hospital students. LibriVox would prove useful for students researching authors or literary genres. Of course, the commentary attached to each selection would not be a credible reference source but listening to the readings would be beneficial and a fun addition added to their project. It may also be the only means students have to materials that are out of print. Adding a LibriVox link to our library page would be expanding our collection.

Even though the Sept 1st completion date passed I was determined to follow through and complete the twenty-three Library 2.0 Things. There were times I felt slightly overwhelmed by the material presented but for the most part I was overwhelmed by all the other projects I found on my plate as a result of the start of the new school year. Our district is co-hosting an author visit with our public library as part of their 'The Big Read" program with the National Endowment for the Arts. This has taken up an enormous amount of my time. I wish that I had completed all of the Library 2.0 projects earlier as Zoho Writer would have come in handy while working on this project. Oh well, next time! I have just a few more tasks left before finishing. I am excited to begin implementing all the new ideas I have as a result of this course. I will try to keep this blog up-to-date with the progress my library and school make in the 2.0 world.

Posted by Pam at 9:35 AM

Harboring thoughts : Blog of the trials and travails of school library learning 2.0


Santa Cruz, CA

The first library I remember using was a Carnegie Library and thinking about Andrew Carnegie--see left-- makes the Web 2.0 concept even stronger: bring information and reading to all. We may not agree with the way Carnegie made his fortune, but his model of sharing the possibility of knowledge is extremely relevant to Web 2.0. Our leaders in CSLA are to be congratulated for envisioning the program, fashioning it as a summer treat, to be imbibed slowly, a sip at a time.

Of course, this is only the beginning. The Web 2.0 class showed us what the next wave of web communication can deliver. We learned so much--now to go back, learn more deeply, and begin to apply. I am already thinking of the ways I can use many of the tools to improve communication and productivity within the committees on which I serve at school. And technical questions--many how-to's--continue to develop. Weeks ago, I wrote technical services at one of the touted sites we studied and never heard back from them. We have to work together, engaging everyone on campus with technical expertise in order to improve skills throughout the school.

Big jobs ahead of us. Thank you, CSLA, for leading us. And many thanks to my daughters for faithfully reading the blog and providing fashion advice for my avatar! My community of
Santa Cruz has a wonderful history of Carnegie Libraries. Read about it here:




San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I'm Finished!!!!! I can't believe I actually did it! Yowza! I really loved what I learned and wish I had taken my time to learn at a more leisurely pace; it would have given me much more time to explore. I would most certainly participate in another online learning program if our gracious organization decides to make one. Right now, I am also completing an InfoPeople online social networking class with Meredith Farkas, so I'm getting the information in lots of different ways. By Tuesday, I will have a proposal written for my school implementing some Web 2.0 tool. At this point I am debating between a book review blog by me, and a wiki contributed by the kids and I. The second idea is winning out so far, I just need to create a way to monitor is so the "powers that be" will be happy.

My favorite discoveries were:

  • that I have downloadable audiobooks available to me through my local Contra Costa Library.
  • how cool blogs could be as a tool for communication and marketing.
  • Ning in all its varieties of uses (I joined two groups)
  • my google RSS reader--how did I ever live without this!!!!!

The only thing I could think of that you could do differently is somehow inspire people to continue and finish all the weeks. I noticed many people got off to a good start, me included, but faded out during summer. Maybe a weekly group email with lots of positive ideas would help us keep it more on the front burner...

Road Reader : The Teacher said to the students,"Come to the edge," They replied,"We might fall." The teacher again said,"Come to the edge," and they responded,"It's too high." "Come to the edge," the teacher demanded. And they came and the teacher pushed them and they flew.

August 2007

L. Jean

Library Media Technician


I made it! September 1st is still a couple of days away and I have finished this journey. I started back on May 11th after the CCCOE training on 2.0 and that motivated me to take on this task. It has not been without the bumps in the road, the potholes and the detours. Like so many women today, I'm a working mom with a busy life outside of school. I work at a year round school in a twelve month position so my "summer" break was three days at the Fourth of July. To say that I feel a great sense of accomplishment for finishing on time is an understatement.

I have enjoyed this experience and reccommended it to those I work with. I have introduced several of the tools to others on my school's staff and plan to continue to do so. I've used the things I learned both professionally and personally to enhance projects that I'm working on.

My favorites? has made my life so much easier. And I even got my family hooked on using it. Now, no matter what computer I'm using, I have access to my favorite sites with ease. Flickr and the image generators have been so much fun and a very easy way to share pictures. Zoho will also be something I take to the teaches as an option for students.

I liked the format that CSLA used for this "course". I think for me, dividing it up into 10 or 12 weeks would have made it seem less rushed but I did take a few weeks off here or there. I think one of the big plusses for me was the work at your own speed format.

I'm going to keep my blog going. One of the benefits for me personally has been to remind me how much I enjoy the writing process. It has been fun reading the comments left by others too.

I would definately "sign up" again if you offered a second trip down the 2.0 road.

My one word summation ... it was a "trip"!

Posted by L.Jean at 9:35 PM

Cardinal Reader : "Librarians are hiding something."..Stephen Colbert


So we come to the end...or the beginning? This has been a very entertaining and enlightening journey so far. Lots of things to learn and do. Some of my favorites were Flickr and the mashups (sounds like a rock band!), finding some library-oriented blogs that I enjoy, and the many creative suggestions of my colleagues on how to use what we have learned. The timing for this class was excellent, as these are the "things" I was planning to explore this summer on my own. And this program went so much farther than I would have done, since I lacked the knowledge to "know what I needed to know"! There are things I have already discussed with teachers as possibilities for projects for this year. My biggest surprise, probably, was how much fun and anxiety was had over the issue of avatars. I didn't expect we would all care so much! Would I participate in the future? You bet! I am hoping that there will be followups coming. I really liked the format of the "schedule" for the class...I do better with deadlines! and it encouraged lots of us to get a move on, rather than postpone. I wonder if there would be a way to encourage more "social networking" in the future? Joining some of the wikis will help. Hopefully I will make time to keep up.

Thank you to all of the CSLA members who helped create this fun endeavor.

Becca’s Path


Berkeley, CA

Though I would like to wax poetic here, I’m going to leave that for a future edit (which can easily be traced) and just cut to the chase for my summary:

favorite discoveries or exercises–, and an “excuse” to watch videos on YouTube and TeacherTube and Joyce Valenza’s stuff

assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals–ha! of having an end goal in mind? What I stated was to have a wiki for the Library Handbook. Well, at least I identified which wiki host I will probably use….. Also, I had early identified as something I wanted to know more about, and that is true and will be very handy.

unexpected outcomes–I had seen LibraryThing before but I LOVE the ability (once I figure out widgets) to promo a few books. I really really really intend on imbedding that into the school site libraries’ webpages that I’m imminently designing, having finally broken through the logjam administratively to update the district’s website to include Library Services

do differently–ha, again! I can think of many things that I could have done differently. But you guys? You were great cheerleaders, and your instructions were clear. I wish I would have tightened up my cluster of folks that were going to try to push through this this summer, so that we could have supported each other more. Here I am racing through (and, I know, shortchanging) these final exercises and I know that at a certain point during the summer, I just needed a break. I know that was true for my other district comrades, too. I think that maybe structuring it into our school year will work better, with manageable chunks that include deadlines. I’m glad you’re leaving this up for awhile.

participate?–yes I would and I would give myself deadlines and try to team up more concretely (virtually) with another person.


Library Jewel : Can a jewel in the rough become a polished gem? Follow along with me on this journey of discovery and learning. In time, with practice - we can all shine!

August 2007

Library Media Technician

C Jewel

This Jewell in the rough has become a more polished gem thanks to School Library Learning 2.0. I have learned so much and will go back to many tools and continue to learn. Life Long Learning!

The fact that I could learn and play at my own pace was wonderful. All the tools were given to me to peruse. I could take what I liked, learn about the rest and just feel more knowledgeable about online tools. I think I can now intelligently discuss blogs, wikis, RSS feed, etc. Woo hoo!

There are many discoveries that were my favorites. I know that I will use these tools again for fun, information, lessons, notes, thoughts. Included in this group are: Library Thing, ZOHO,, Yahoo! Answers, Image Generators, Wikis and blogs.

What surprised me the most was that almost every "thing" was simple enough to do. The School Library Learning 2.0 team did such a terrific job in writing out the lessons, explaining what each "thing" did and could be used for, and giving examples/web sites that made sense.

I do plan on forwarding my LibraryJewel blog to the library techs. in my district and the staff at my school. Everyone is so busy and doesn't have time to discover new things on their own - this is a perfect way to see and learn. I would definitely take more discovery programs in the future. OK - I know this is two words but I would describe my learning experience as...

Joyfully Enlightening! Thank you so much for the learning, discovery journey!

Posted by Cjewell

Book Lover 2.0


Teacher Librarian

Bakersfield, CA

I'M DONE!!!!! I really enjoyed participating in this tutorial. I liked the format and the fact that we were able to work at our own pace. Of course I'm a slacker and it took me until the very last day possible. I would do this type of tutorial again. I loved the idea of a blog. I do hope that eventually this becomes a medium that is utilized more in the classroom. I would love to have my library science students have blogs where they keep track of what they do and learn in the library. I am definately more comfortable with the technology that I have had to use to keep up with the tutorial. I'm really glad for this because most of our students are already very familiar with this technology. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

Posted by Madam Librarian at 5:22 PM

Jane the Teacher Librarian


Jane TL and Language Arts Teacher

West lake Village, CA

This has been a great program, and I am very grateful to the CSLA team for putting it together. Here are my answers to the survey questions:

  • What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? I liked so many of them. I think one of the most fun was Image Chef, and I've already taken advantage of it to make a couple of images I inserted in my library brochure I give out each fall. I really liked all the online graphics generators we explored. I was also especially happy to explore and start using it on a regular basis. Becoming more aware of many possibilities with wikis was also great.
  • How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? It made me aware of a number of new tools, and greatly added to my planned "to do" list. For example:
  • 1. I plan to use wikis (with which I had no previous experience) for a forum for my book club and to set up pathfinders for research projects. Even though I do already have a website for my library, I think the wiki medium will be more flexible and easier to work with than updating webpages in Dreamweaver and will allow for teacher participation. I am going to have to do some more research to decide which wiki software to use.
  • 2. I have started maintaining website links in, and think that will work better moving back and forth between my home and work computers.
  • 3. I plan to take advantage of the different online graphics generators to liven up my library orientations.
  • 4. I plan to learn more about creating podcasts and have students make book recommendation podcasts in the fall. I might also try to create a podcast as part of a self-running orientation for students who come to our school after the beginning of the school year.
  • 5. I did already have a librarything account, but I want to add more books to it and take advantage of its feature to display books on my website and my blog.
  • Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? Even though I had already used several of the tools in the tutorials, I was surprised how much more there was to learn about them. I was also surprised how many great tools there are out there. Some I had heard about but not had a chance to explore yet, and others were brand new to me.
  • What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept? I thought everything was great. What I never did get to do enough of, though, was check out other participants' blogs. I dipped into a number, but am sure there's a lot of great stuff out there I missed. Perhaps one of the "cheerleaders" could bring some of the top examples to our attention as we work through the tutorials. Also, when I received comments in my blog, I would have liked to have had those peoples' email so I could easily write back and thank them. Perhaps next time we could be encouraged to share emails.
  • If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? Definitely.
  • How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities? Energizing.

Posted by Jane, TL in the classroom at 2:02 PM

Kids Book Blog


Sonora, CA

Dana Stemig, Teacher Librarian

I did it! I'm done. I'm sliding in under the wire but I finished. I decided to just cut and paste the questions in so here goes:
What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? Image Chef was fantastic. Our instructional technology guru in the district hadn't even heard about it. I used the images in the new district web page that I am created. The new version will be available soon.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? It hasn't change my goals but it prodded me along. I'm an early adapted (or hyper-librarian in the words of some fellow librarians) so I was aware of most of these tools but hadn't really take the time to explore them as I should have. This program gave me goals and a time line to learn. That's always good. I hope we have follow ups so that I can keep learning. I have as many units as we get for credit toward pay but I can't stop learning. Since I finished my Masters I hadn't been follow a specific learning program so I loved it opportunity. I think I'm rather addicted to learning. :-)

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I had written wikis off as having no authority control and therefore unreliable. The examinations of them showed me other ways to use them.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
I have no idea. I loved it. I was always the person who read ahead so I like the individualized format. I like playing around with techy stuff and finding out how to use it. I think that some people would need someone doing it with them to be successful. I suppose session at CSLA conferences or workshops during the year would be better for some people.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? Absolutely. I'm also going to to talk to our Instructional Technology teams about offering similar sessions. I'm on the tech committee so I'm in a position to push it through.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities? This was the best technology staff development that I have done in years.

Posted by Dana Stemig at 10:40 PM

2008 (Year 2)

Puma Librarian

Week 9, Thing 23 Reflections on the Journey

Real learning should change the learner, not just fill their head with content or teach new skills, and Learning 2.0 has changed me in some unexpected ways. I am now critically aware of the need to structure the library experience of my students and faculty to their needs as "users," which means that if it takes too much "training" for them to be able to acquire the information and experiences they are seeking in my library, I'm doing something wrong (see comments on article by Michael Stevens in previous post)! Consequently, I met with the head of the English department and we are revamping the way we do freshman library orientation. I met with my IMS guy, and we are revamping my library web page (once fiber optics is up and running, supposedly in April). I am going to actively participate in the freshman academy at my school so that I can be a part of creating a learning experience for the students that isn't the "same old, same old" in a block schedule. My main goal is to use technology to create active learning, collaboration, and engaged readers in my library and beyond in my school. Can you tell that I LOVED Learning 2.0?! Thank you, 2.0 team! I hope to be able to thank you in person at CSLA in the Fall. P.S. -- A quick apology to the readers who kept up with me for inundating you at the end -- my online exploration and learning were ahead of my blog postings, and when I realized that I was going to have to finish by April 1st, I had to catch up on the postings. ANSWERS to the 6 questions, in reverse order:
#6 - My learning experience in one sentence: The format of this online learning experience allowed me to explore web 2.0 applications at my own pace and on my own time, integrating them into my life and my library as I learned.
#5 -Would I choose to participate again? Yes, definitely - bring it on!
#4 - How could the format or concept be improved? My only suggestion would be to make the Weekly Tips portion interactive by posting it on a Wiki where others could quickly post answers to questions (technological difficulties) which sometimes slowed me down, especially when working from home.
#3 - Unexpected outcomes from this program - a shift in my perception of my role as a librarian from "user friendly" to "user centered", and new confidence in myself as a "techy" person
#2 - How this program has affected my life long learning goals - I now have at least a beginning familiarity with a whole online world of knowledge, reflection, commentary and interaction which will allow me to take charge of my own learning experience and collaborate with others as I grow.
#1 - My favorite exercises or discoveries on this learning journey - it was very fun and confidence building to acquire the skills to use these web 2.0 applications on my own and see that I could make them work, so I did enjoy the practical "how to" exercises where I actually created something (my blog, my igoogle page w/ reader, a flickr account, a zoho account, my rollyo search bar, etc.). But I also very much appreciated the inclusion of thoughtful reflection and commentary on these applications, reading online articles, journals, and blogs about them. That balance made this a very worthwhile journey for me.

Posted by sandypuma2 at 4:56 PM 7 comments


Teacher Librarian, Placerville, CA

May 2008

It has been quite the journey. While I was sometime frustrated, confused, discouraged, overall this has been a very positive experience. I can't imagine any other way in which I would have spent time exploring the many possibilities of Web2.0and thinking about ways to incorporate these things into my teaching and work with colleagues. One of the things I like best about this formatis that I can go back at my leisure to develop the things I want to use in more depth.

I think I had stalled as a lifelong learner, and was out of touch with the explosion of new technologies that our students and many colleagues are using on a regular basis. But this course has allowed me to take the blinders off and to sample the depth and breadth of possibilities. I don't think I've mastered any of it but at least now I know these things exist and have some concept of their application and potential and can now pick what fits to develop further.

My favorite things are LibraryThing and, I think, wikis. Though I haven't actually developed a wiki yet, I have several ideas for ways to use them and will work on one or two for next school year. That is a start--who knows where I'll go from there.

Holistic library

Teacher Librarian


April 2008

This course truly felt like I was just surfing the Internet Web 2.0. Now I feel a bit overwhelmed by the "To Do" list I have created in order to "dive deeper"..

1) I need to document all the new accounts I have created.

2) I want to go back and learn more about many of the tools and websites.

3) I have a blog and several projects I started on a very sketchy basis that I would like to go back to and flesh out.

4) I still need to get my avatar to show up on my blog!

5) I have videos to download, podcasts to listen to, and eBooks to download and enjoy.

6) I have my church catalog to create.

7) Now I want to try and create some podcasts for my students.

In summary, this is the never-ending learning.

Thank you, CSLA, and the good people who put this all together. Kudos to you all!

mountainlionlibrary2 :Life long learning in action with CSLA's School Library Learning 2.0!


#23 Week 9 Yippee!

SLL2 has been a challenging learning experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I wish I had had more free time to play with some of the new tools I discovered here. Blogs, RMS feeds, wikis, and image generators are a few of the tools that I am already using.

I set up a wiki for the library techs in our district to use for collaborating on our district library presentation for the school board. (Tomorrow evening, in the midst of school closure discussions, so we will have quite the audience!)

As I am short on time again, I will not do this last post here the justice it deserves, but I want to be done!

Working at my own pace was great - it allowed me to delve into subjects as deeply as I wanted to, and move on when I wasn’t interested. I realized how much I don’t know about technology. On the other hand, I realized how much more I know, especially now having completed SLL2.0, than many of my co-workers. I am hoping to be able to encourage some of them to give this or Classroom Learning 2.0 a try1

Thank you all for your hard work in putting this program together.

On the Road


Woo-hoo!!!! I finally made it to the end after a year or so.

Thoughts on the course:
GREAT stuff! Even though I'm pretty technology literate, I was exposed to many things here I wasn't aware of. I love the diversity of it and the curriculum connections. As a colleague would say, it's a drink from a firehose so it's all a bit overwhelming but the curriculum connections really help to make it real.

As always, in exploring to complete lessons, I ran across many other items of interest that spurred thoughts and new knowledge. The trick will be to somehow get started and use some of the tools.

Like others, I'm frustrated that many tools are blocked by the district but that really just means that I and others needs to make valid educational arguments for why they should be allowed.

I would most certainly take other courses if they were offered. This has been a lot of work and taken a lot of time but it certainly has been well worth it.

A couple of suggestions.... make all the links open in new windows. I found myself often having to reopen the course windows because I'd lost it many screens back. It would also be helpful if people blogs who are currently working on the course are listed in a different place than people who have completed the course. (Actually, that may be the case but many of the blogs I looked at hadn't had entries in many months so it made it hard to find people who were currently working on the course.)

My one word to describe the course (as I'm sure others has been) is "Wow!".

Thanks for the opportunity and the encouragement and thanks for been tireless promoters, both here and in CALIB and at conferences. You really make a difference!

Librarians Lead Learning



1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

The most useful tool for me was del.ici.ous. I use it everyday! I have also found it useful to search other people’s tags when researching a specific topic. I wasn’t able to use it with students, because some unsavory suggestions came up. For example, one of the research topics was Date Rape, and several “how to” sites came up.

The wiki portion came just in time for me to use it to prepare for the CSLA conference in November. I found the wiki to be a great collaborative tool. There were so many great resources I would not have discovered if not for this tutorial. I took me a year to complete, but it was definitely worth it. Here’s my wiki:

Blog. I helped a language arts teacher get set up with an edublogs account and have book discussions for their reading of Animal Farm. She has a very low group of 10th graders who mostly failed 9th grade English and she wanted to get them motivated about the assignments. Instead of answering questions on worksheets, they had to post answers in the blog and then respond twice to other students. It took one class period to get everyone signed up. Almost everyone posted, and the students were more engaged than they would be in a traditional class. The assignment can be viewed here: The only drawback was that it was difficult to get time in the computer lab, and the amount of set up time. Edublogs now has a way that teachers can set up whole classes with blogs.

Photos & Images: photo mashup sites and photo hosting services like Flickr are blocked at school. I have used it professionally to share photos of my bulletin boards with other librarians. I love to search library tags to see what other libraries are doing. They even created a section for Banned Books Week. Here’s my Flickr page:

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

This experience really taught me what life-long learning is about. Even though it was a lot of work and took me a year during nights and weekends, I kept at it without any other reward than the knowledge obtained. It wasn’t for school credit or anything. It was just for me.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

Definitely. One of the ideas I posted in the Sandbox wiki ended up being a published article in CSLA Journal.

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

Nothing! Anything more would be overwhelming.

5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

Yes, definitely!

6. How would you describe your learning experience in ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?

I have a lot more in my “toolbox” so that when opportunities arise, I can say to teachers, why not try this?

the liminal library : a blog that chronicles my participation in csla's school library learning 2.0


As a masters of library and information science student, the CSLA School Library Learning 2.0 program was an easy and fun way to get acquainted with web 2.0 tools and concepts. I especially appreciated the comments and words of encouragement that I received from my district librarian and CSLA School Library Learning 2.0 team that were posted on my blog. Knowing that my efforts to learn were being acknowledged inspired me to complete all the exercises in this program before the deadline of September 1st! Receiving these comments and reading the thoughts of school librarians' in their blogs or on the wiki really made me feel like I was participating in this wonderful learning community that will support me in my future educational endeavors.

My favorite exercises were many and they include playing with the image generators, subscribing to blogs via RSS, discovering Pandora and (these are the websites I use everyday!), learning about wikis and how to apply them in libraries and classrooms, and recording all my thoughts into this blog. This my first time blogging professionally, and I plan to continue posting in this blog.

One important take-a-way I culled from the program is the power of collaboration and how instrumental it is to the learning process. Before I completely understood wikis, I castigated Wikipedia as a reliable source of information. After this program, however, I have an understanding of its origins and its aim that makes me look at it more positively. I was also surprised with the number of online tools that would be beneficial to libraries and classrooms. I want to know how to choose which web 2.0 tools are useful and applicable to my school and library.

My learning experience was LIBERATING. It gave me the confidence to break my chains of self-doubt in my ability to utilize web technology in the classroom and in libraries.

Thank you CSLA School Library Learning 2.0 team!

Holy Librarian! : The 2.0 attempt of the Holy Names High School librarian...

Librarian, Oaktown, CA

October 2008

This series of lessons was very convenient, in terms of time and ease. I appreciated being able to leave it for a few months and come back at will. It took me a long time to complete all the lessons, but in the end, I am very excited to be finished.

I think this way of self-directed guided lessons worked very well for me. As I mentioned in the survey, I appreciated the Discovery Exercises and liked how they forced me to delve deeper into the application. My general social networking, 2.0 application behavior is to join, noodle around for a bit and pass it off as some extra thing that I don't have time to develop either for myself or for my school. This experience gave me suggestions for how to delve and some examples for how to use the information as I go through the lessons.

As I mentioned several times before, I would love to see MORE examples of how these applications can be used in the classroom both for information professionals as well as teachers. A breakdown or brainstorm of what kinds of skill development each application would teach would be great. Some applications merely have a cool factor. Others actually teach something. I would love evidence from folks who have tried these things out as to what kind of success or challenges they faced.

Many thanks to those of you who organized all of this! I am grateful for the opportunity and grateful that it was

ms. haverstock, the librarian

Benning’s Blog

Teacher Librarian

Calabasas, Las Virgenes USD, CA


Woo Hoo! Finished just in time!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this program. Learned SO much, and had fun doing it. My hubby is a programmer and it was fun to finally be able to talk to him on his level (somewhat!) about web 2.0. He really wasn't very familiar with some of the things I did, since his work doesn't involve a lot of social networking 2.0 stuff. So it was fun to actually be ahead of him on some things.
We are going to offer the Web 2.0 for teachers to the district, and I've offered to be a cheerleader. I look forward to seeing how the teachers use the tools, and the blogs they create.
I'm wondering what I do with my blog now that it's over. I'd like to link it to my library web site and start all over with a library blog - student book reviews, suggestions, etc. The kids don't need to see all my Web 2.0 posts, so maybe I'll delete them and start fresh. I'd also like to fine-tune some of the page elements so it's more attractive and user-friendly.
Thanks ever so much for this program! What a kick it's been! Glad I finished just in time!!

Norco High Library 2.0 :My journey through the 23 Things of School Library Learning 2.0

Teacher Librarian

Norco, CA



Does the title really say Thing #23??? I did it, yeah me! (I feel like
London from the Disney Channel show Zach and Cody, for any of you with younger children...) I knew I could do it, I just wasn't sure about fitting it into such a short time. But, alas, never underestimate the powers of a librarian!

My comments...

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
It is easier for me to list the ones that I didn't like so much such as Rollyo and Technorati. I see the use for them, but I don't see them becoming things that I would use often in my library. But, I would love to be proven wrong.

I loved the image generators, I love my blog and look forward to turning into more of a library tool. I love wikis and see them as powerful tools for anyone who uses them.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
It's given me the push to tackle new things! It is so easy to become content in what we know and are comfortable with. The program made me step out of my safe zone and try new technology related tools, an area that I do need to improve.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
The network of people out there! I am not a social internet kind of person, so it was fun to see what other people do, create, and post on the internet via youtube or blogs.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
Nothing!! It's great just the way it is... I

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
Most definitely!! Just be sure to give a deadline so that I will complete it.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
Insightful. I learned so much about the internet and its tools that I never knew before! Thank you SLL2.0 Team for creating a great learning experience that makes me more effective as a teacher - all for free! You are the best!

Posted by NHS Librarian at 7:29 AM

Sanger Unified Library Blog: Library Staff


My favorite activities were the image generators, primarily because I hadn’t used these before. They were fun and creative. I think kids would love them. Do differently????? Some things appear repetitive, but that is just a personal take since I have used them before. Otherwise, I think you did a great job of putting together an immense number of web 2.0 tools. As for application….I would prefer to see an application that is more authentic. I don’t like to do things just for a class, especially in our profession. Learning is more effective when there is time allowed or insisted, to create something for use in their profession. I will be doing that this summer to improve on what I have found and decide the best format to use to help train staff and deliver some of our materials in a new and exciting format. I would participate again if there is something available to facilitate the promotion of my technology skills. This was a very comprehensive format and incredibly useful… Summing it up into one word or sentence. The best thing I can think of is the title of You Tube video I like…Shift Happens….If we don’t shift we become stagnant, stale, dry, and obsolete. The result of that is we will become like the 1940 books on the shelf, in need of weeding. And our district’s will weed us. So I say shift, shift, shift happily and heartily!

Santa Barabara Bookworm


Elementary librarian, K-6 school

Santa Barbara, CA

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I loved the Image Generators, getting re-acquainted with, and the wiki lesson. I could see how I could really use these with my students and for my teaching. I am so fortunate to be teaching is a school that has a 1:1 laptop program for grades 3-6 and these tools make my job more exciting and more meaningful to my students.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I love technology...and by loving it I have to constantly learn new things. This program was a great example of learning by doing. It gave me so many ideas, practical ideas that I could take right away and use.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

I have been thinking of designing some units modeled after this format for my own students.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

I gained the most by the "things" that made me do something. So maybe more of those.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

Absolutely! I also really appreciated being able to take it for credit through
Fresno Pacific University.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?

School Library Learning 2.0 gives you a chance to learn about this exciting new technology and it serves as a model for how we might teach in a Web 2.0 world.

Page Turner


Yorba Linda, CA

Elementary School Library

Kathy, I did it!! I finished. WooHoo!!

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? I liked Flickr and

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals? I plan to keep on learning!

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? I LOVE I use it daily at home and at work. It is so much easier to keep all my websites in one place.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept? I loved learning about all the new tools out there, but was not wild about blogging on everything.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? Yes.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities? Awesome!

I am happy that I have finally finished. Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to stay with it and finish. WooHoo!

Posted by PageTurner at 10:30 PM


Teacher Librarian Sheryl Grabow-Weiss


March 2008

I can't believed I've finished! And just under the wire. I know now that this isn't the end of my discoveries, just the beginning. When my daughter became a Bat Mitzvah, I told her that it was not the culmination of her Jewish education, but the beginning. I feel the same way about this tutorial. My goal is to incorporate many of these tools into my daily life. Now on to your questions -

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

As I looked back on what I've learned, it's hard to imagine my life or work before being introduced to these tools. Creating an avatar was fun, but, Flickr, RSS and Zoho have become a part of my daily routine.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

Just by nature of the work that we do, we are lifelong learners. This program gave a direction to my learning. It allowed me to take charge of my learning and at my own pace. There are tools I started using right away, and some I put on hold for another day. On my list are a number of to-do items -
Start another blog using it for booktalks, or maybe use a wiki for my students to add books they have enjoyed
Include podcasts - written and delivered by students
Encourage teachers (and help them) to use wikis for their assignments and to collaborate with each other
Use LibraryThing to keep track of books I've read and books I've added to our collection
Use Flickr & mashups to add interest to my presentations and handouts
Create an interactive website that my students will find user friendly and intuitive

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

What surprised me most was the ease in which I could explore something and use it immediately. Zoho is definately a "take-a-way" that I didn't expect. I found it amusing that I had been using a number of web 2.0 tools, but didn't know it. Being able to explore these tools more fully gave me a better understanding of their uses and better ways to use them.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

The only thing I would suggest is to encourage participants to explore blogs of those who have completed this tutorial. I found those blogs an invaluable source of information. I enjoyed the comments from the cheer team - especially when I figured out how to respond to their comments.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

Absolutely - and without trepidation! Bring on the web 2.1 tutorial!

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?

Thank you School Library 2.0 Team for the opportunity to participate in this program, to stretch my brain and kick me into the 21st century.

Posted by Sheryl Grabow-Weiss

AND 2009; Middle School Learning 2.0

Summer is over: ( Time to face the reality that I'll be a classroom teacher this year. I am fortunate that I'll be at the same school I've taught at for 12 years. Instead of being the Teacher Librarian, I'll be teaching two sections of LASS (6th grade language arts and social studies) and a computer research elective for 6th graders. The elective is part of the 6th grade rotation; a 5 week long course covering a variety of topics including languages, computer graphics, art, music, drama and my Computer Connections unit. I've decided to utilize CSLA's Middle School Learning 2.0 for the elective. I plan on having students work on 2 "Things" per week, with an emphasis on web site evaluation, cyber safety and being a good online citizen.

Wish me luck....

Writing between the Lines


This project was an awesome experience. Though I have had experience with some of the technology, such as blogs, wikis and podcasts, some were new to me, especially mashups. It was great to fill in the gaps in my own technology skills/knowledge.I'm very excited to use these with my teachers. Since I teach a significant amount of the professional development in the district, I know that I will be offering some workshops on some of these discoveries. I would definitely be interested in future professional development from CSLA.

I wonder if I will be able to keep up wih some of the websites I have registered with -- already I can't keep up with the RSS reader. That will most certainly be my biggest challenge.

Thanks to the development team for the work they have put into this. I'm sure that this has been a major commitment, and it has been immensely beneficial to all of us.

Posted by Viking Librarian at 8:35 PM


Teacher Librarian


5/13/08 Finished- time to fly

This has been a very rewarding experience. Now it is time to decide what to do with this blog. I am thinking ... I am thinking I will continue to use it to not only to explore new 2.0 tools, but also, my new 2.0 librarian challenges. With budgets being cut, teachers receiving pink slips, and libraries being closed, we are working in difficult times. My mission, if I choose to accept it, is to maneuver through all of these obstacles and come out on the other side with a better program, a better library, and be a better librarian. I hope to bring some of my fellow librarians along with me.

Right now, I need a time for refection and a plan.

There are several challenges that are facing me right now. The first is that another school has been added to my schedule for next year. The second is my hours are being cut by a half day a week. The third is the use of Spanish as the primary language at one of my schools.

TACTL2 : exploration and compilation of information and ideas related to thinking, learning, invention, and change within K-12 school libraries...

August 2008

Middle School Teacher Librarian

San Diego, CA

After an intense, summertime relationship with most of Learning 2.0, my brain had to be shared with the opening of school, distributing textbooks, and melding optimism with practicality. A district email telling us to turn off our tv & audio streaming hit home that PUSD has neither the network infrastructure or awareness that these real world connections are important to public education. The creativity utilizing online resources is added value to the learning process in the same way our more traditional electives are.

I'm fascinated by this need for connection, fabrication, and personal exposure - always in touch, creating &/or extending one's identify, telling all. I can't associate that with authoritativeness, privacy, and harm. As teacher librarians, the web allows us to generate greater access to what we have to offer. But I'm still rooted in the meaning of quality resources, that information is not incidental as it is now being used, and that the thinking involved to choose data is as important as what we do with it.

To finish up on the nuts & bolts of Thing #23, I had seen the clever & entertaining Fair Use video before and still found the clips hard to follow, Creative Commons Search is very useful and I think CSLA should add itself to their Content Directories. I'm not sure how to cite CC items like the flickr picture Books About Books I brought over. For students, the power of CC is in reinforcing the concept of respect for one's own intellectual property and work. Although I still spend a lot of time hunting for things on web pages, Learning 2.0 has given me a better idea of what to look for. Trite to say, this is just the beginning of future exploration on my part.


April 2008

Contra Costa County, CA

So, my final thought on the 23 Things.
Consuming content is fun, but creating stuff that others enjoy and use is exciting and gratifying.

Library Alive


Camarillo, CA

Teacher Librarian

YAHOO!! YIPPEE!! HOORAY!! I did it, I did it. (Do you see me jumping up and down?)I am happy not that completing Libray2.0 was an arduous task but, rather, that I learned soooo much and that I didn't give up. I am very grateful to the school library learning 2.0 gang for getting the information out about this adventure and for offering it again to those of us who didn't get around to taking it last summer. Thank you, thank you. I would definitely suggest that it be offered again and that there is a sequel to the program that would allow us to spend more time on the topics. I feel like this is a survey course and now I want to get into more advanced assignments or at least spend more time developing some of the "things" I learned in this course.
What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
One of my favorite discoveries was the online applications, specifically Zoho Writer. As soon as I learned about it, I showed it to two of my staff memebers and they immediately started using it in their classes. I have been using aspects of it myself.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I am going to contiune learning about web 2.0 applications and refine my skills.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I collaborated with two teachers who are now successfully using blogs and wikis in their classes. I am going to incorporate a blog in my library web page.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
I would be the first one to sign up!

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
INVALUABLE. The best, most relevent professional growth class I have ever taken...and it was

Library Evolution : Where change is the only constant


Teacher Librarian Kathie Maier

Anaheim, CA

The Impact of Library 2.0

Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

- Greg Anderson

It has been an adventure to take part in the Library 2.0 experience. I have learned a great deal about Web 2.0 and have discovered many new tools to help me become a better teacher, collaborator, and teacher librarian. I thoroughly enjoy these kinds of activities and am a life-long learner at heart. I hope that there will be a Library 2.02 or maybe we will need a Library 3.0 soon.

One of the prompts suggested for this blog is to describe the program in one word or one sentence. I think the best descriptor I can give Library 2.0 is “POWERFUL”. Learning is just that, powerful. I can’t wait to put what I have learned into action and share many of these tools with my students and staff.

I hereby pronounce my completion of the Library 2.0 program, and will move in to the implementation phase of my learning.

I proclaim to:

  • Take the web2.0 skills I have learned and use them in my daily teaching and learning.
  • Provide students with the tools that will support and excite them about learning.
  • Encourage teachers to “take a risk” and step into the land of Web 2.0 where they can learn new technology skill that support student learning.

The important work of moving the world forward
does not wait to be done by perfect men.

- George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

Posted by Kathie Maier at 2:23 PM

Christobel’s Corner


Well, I've finally gotten here after too many delays and side trips. I really appreciate the tutorial nature of this activity that allowed my participation to be flexible. I also liked having discovery exercises to work with the tools we were learning about and the fact that all the resources are on line. It makes the program super simple to use and the experience user friendly. Thanks to those who put School Library Learning 2.0 together. It was great!

The tools I liked the best and anticipate using include blogging, Flickr, image generators, possibly Rollyo, wikis, Library Thing, e books and podcasts. I see how tagging can really help with organizing. I think knowing some of these tools will help me make the move to putting more of my information on line where it will be accessible to me and to others.

I can see how many of the social tools could be used to increase student engagement in projects. I also now have a better working knowledge of some of the information sources, like RSS feeds, that are available on line. Students will (and already do) prefer to get information from the web. It is helpful to know what resources are available to them.

I appreciated the week that we got to read and assess some librarians' thoughts about the direction libraries are going. I thought that the emphasis on service and the library experience over creating the definitive book collection is good to keep in mind as we develop library programs for the 21st century.

Thank you, School Library Learning 2.0 team, for the opportunity to learn these things!

Posted by christobel at 7:41 PM


April 2008

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I really like the bookmarking program. I had too many bookmarks and had trouble getting them organized. Now I can find the ones I really want and use the most.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
It is alway fun to learn new things but the technology is changing so fast it is hard to keep up. This program provided a framework and path to follow to find some important things that can be applied immediately in the library.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I will definitely be showing students the Zoho writer. Just getting email approved has been difficult so this will be a practical solution that teachers should appreciate.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
It was encouraging to get comments. I liked the program as it was.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?
Yes, because their are constantly new things to learn.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
This experience was challenging, organized, and fun!

Posted by waslibrarian2 at 11:52 PM



Irvine, CA

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

I really liked Flickr and google writer. I can see so many possibilities with Flickr that I am going to have a lot of fun using its many features.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

I am currently enrolled in the library technician program at
Santa Ana College, and am doing an internship at a public library. Because of my Library 2.0 learning, I have been given tasks that I otherwise would not be assigned. I am excited to always be learaning, and now to teach others the skills I have acquired.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

I was surprised at how much is out there, free for the taking! I know this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it's great to get a headstart on it all.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

Not a lot. I thought it was wonderful! I just wish I had done it over the summer. The only reason I didn't is because I forgot. So getting a weekly email reminder from a cheerleader would have helped. I finally figured out how to put a calendar reminder in Outlook once a week, and that helped me this time around.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate?

Definitely YES! Technology changes so quickly, and who knows how quickly the information I learned through this program becomes outdated?

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
Incredible learning experience!

Posted by wblibrary at 9:50 PM

Giuseppe LMT does Web 2.0


Thoughts on this online course:

The many Web 2.0 features that have stuck with me and that I continue to use tell me that the course was of value. Some of these features I use because I simply enjoy them, and others have become part of my work routine.
Some of the highlights:

  1. I found out that I love to blog. And I have really learned how to set up a blog as a "one-stop shopping" site for myself by adding feeds and widgets. In addition to this blog I also have one that chronicles my Peruvian trip last summer: I will continue to use blogs to keep a record of my most memorable travels.
  2. Wikis are great for collaborative professional learning. Our LMT group in the district set up a wiki that compares library automation systems. We were all able to go to the wiki to try out the demo sites and to add to the comments on the features of each system. The Board of Education was very impressed by the process, and when we requested funds to pay for the automation conversion, they all voted in support of us!
  3. I use online word processing and other tools on a regular basis. My preferred online source for this is Google docs. I use their documents and calendar frequently and am starting to use the reader.
  4. I thoroughly enjoy "Library Thing". I have two accounts set up: one for my personal interest reading, and one for children's books. I used to write down every book I read in my pocket calendar, but now I just add the books in Library Thing. I was having trouble remembering what books I'd read and what they were about, but this tool is a big help.
  5. I haven't yet started using .nings or social bookmarking sites very much. The same can be said for Technorati and Rollyo. I enjoy using Flickr but haven't spent much time on it.

Many thanks to CSLA for setting up this online course. Nine weeks turned into over 6 months for me, but now I have indeed finished!!

I found out that the public librarians in our county and in a neighboring county have been doing "The 23 Things" as well - with their own online tutors and leaders. They were very happy and impressed when I told them that the school librarians in the area were on board as well.

Thanks to the School Library Learning 2.o team and to bibliofan for your encouraging comments throughout this course.

Posted by giuseppelmt2 at 4:10 PM

2009 (Year 3)

Preml’s Blog

August 2009

Thank you CSLA for organizing this hands-on exploration of Web 2.0 technology. I learned a lot, reviewed some interesting 2.0 ideas that I had experimented with already and shared a wonderful summer learning experience with my colleagues. The most valuable part was the actual personal exchange that went on amongst the librarians of our district as we struggled together to learn new material. Gives one pause as to what we expect of students day in and day out! Special thanks to Carolyn for her extra support and nudging towards the end of this process.

I will look forward to the development of teacher-librarian blogs in Piedmont. Carolyn and Laura are going to lead the way as I understand it. I will be along for the ride, gals!

Sheldon Librarian

Karin Ledford, teacher librarian at Sheldon High School, Elk Grove Unified School District, CA

August 2009

SUMMARY OF MY THOUGHTS ON THIS TUTORIAL: I must say that I had a blast! I really, really enjoyed doing this and I’m so thankful for another teacher librarian in my district for encouraging me to to move forward with it. It has inspired me in so many ways! In fact, I’ve already done the following as a result of taking this tutorial:

1. updated and improved my library website

2. made a blog especially for teachers at my school

3. designed a professional development class incorporating blogs and wikis and how they can be used in the classroom.

4. rethought and redesigned the way I use pathfinders for my classes.

I think my favorite parts of the tutorial were social bookmarking, Library Thing, and wikis. I have continued to use all three of these web 2.0 tools on a daily basis. I also really liked looking at the web 2.0 website winners. I continue to play around with everything I found on that website. I do hope that this kind of tutorial is continuously offered as the web is constantly changing. I would most definitely do it again. Not to say it was easy! But it was well worth the time and effort I put into it this summer.

Turtle Learning


Joan, Los Angeles Librarian

Must all good things must come to an end? I just read that Lawrence Lessig's blog is ending. I was interested in his discussion of "socialism" and the Internet, a term he does not endorse. I did not want to post this last Thing because it meant that I have finished the course. Really, the truth is that this has shown me how much I have to learn and need to explore further.
I wasn't sure what the Discovery Exercise meant about an example or attribution that shows this program has been modified from its original.
My favorite discoveries were many -- flickr, LibraryThing, image generators, but mainly blogging itself. Blogging has replaced the content in newspapers in many ways since newspapers, in my view, are the product of their owners and not a free press. I like that I am able to subscribe to many blogs through RSS feeds, as well as newspapers, tweets, and anything else. So much was enjoyable in terms of extending my knowledge of Internet tools, I believe I have barely scratched the surface. I wish in some ways that my job had not been cut so that I could introduce all this to my colleagues. I am hoping my district will undertake using this and classroom learning 2.0.
Because I am now retired I hope to make use of all these tools to further my desire to create histories of people who have been written out of our history books. My parents and their friends contributed to a better world back in the 1930's and 40's but their stories have never been told. I hope to write them to appeal to young people, so they know there are people who were willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. Additionally, I will be finding all the new books I need to read by referring to many of the sites I found during this course.
Surprises -- everything was surprising! But in actual fact, the surprise was that the turtle could learn enough and at a pace that allowed me to finish. If I couldn't do something one way, I often found another. And this slow learner knows there is so much more to learn, but now looks forward to doing so.
Please, please, please do offer another course like this. In just the few years you have been teaching School Library Learning 2.0 there have been so many changes. I would like to see some of the links updated if that's not too much.
One sentence: Twenty-first century learning involves so much more than the passive intake of information on the part of the learner, and allows the learner to create, change, and evaluate the learning environment.
Not the best, but certainly a begining!

Library Learnings



What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
There were a few weeks in which I couldn't figure something out. As I proceeded through the weeks, I would learn something and could go back to a previous post and make additions/changes. This happened with Rollyo. I wanted to post the search box into my blog, but couldn't figure it out. When I worked through the YouTube exercise and added a video, I went back to Rollyo and was able to post it as well. It seemed if I kept returning to things that confused me, eventually I could figure them out.
I used YouTube quite a bit to watch tutorials to figure out how to use various tools. I think this is one of the biggest things that will stick with me. If I am stuck or need a basic overview of a particular tool, I can search to find tutorials to help.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I feel like it has been difficult over the past few years to participate in staff development because I have a 3 year old and 1.5 year old at home. I have been wanting to learn more. I saw a two day course on Flip cameras that I was interested in, but don't have daycare during the summer. Participating online during hours that worked for me (nap time) was exactly what I needed. It has also sparked me to begin thinking about the upcoming year and how to incorporate more 2.0 tools into my life and my teaching. I am still thinking about what is appropriate for the elementary school level. I would love to have more conversations about this.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I don't think I knew exactly what web 2.0 is or how HUGE web 2.0 is. I still have some uncertainty about the way many things are positioned due to their popularity. There could be quality research hiding...

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
I would like to see more classroom applications of various tools at all levels. Concrete examples how some librarians/teachers are using various tools would help me envision possibilities that might work for me.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you choose to participate? Yes.

How would you describe your learning experience in
ONE WORD or in ONE SENTENCE, so we could use your words to promote CSLA learning activities?
Challenging and gratifying.

CSLA 2.0 : Librarian working on completing Summer 2.0 Fun for CSLA.

May 2009

My thoughts on CSLA 2.0
I feel as though I have completed a marathon! Up and down the streets with twists and turns everywhere and unexpected difficulty and picking up some downhill speed. My favorite was setting up my blog and avatar. I have added her to my web page and the students love her! It's important for them to know that I'm keeping current on the technology and not getting old and stuffy, which unfortunately, is sometimes the first thought when you mention library and librarians. I know now that I CAN continue to update my technology skills - and those words, terms, and programs that sounded somewhat foreign when I began, are now at the very least familiar. I feel as though I have a working knowledge of the web 2.0, and even may be ahead of some of my students. And - the best part - many of these tools - like Google Reader and podcast subscriptions are going to help me to continue to be informed and updated on anything that I want. Talk about lifelong learning - you just can't help it. Now I just have to schedule time to read, read, read, all those entries.
I was surprised at how well many of these tools interact with each other - easily. I can incoporate You Tube and Library Thing into my Blog, and by doing that I know I will continue to use those tools. The whole signing up for the free tools and keeping track of user names and passwords is the worst part, uck! I tried to stay consistent, but wow, way too many. Other than that, I think the program is very good. It has a good variety of tools, all applicable to the library world and its easy to see where they can be applied to school and students. Some of the links are dead, so some updating might be necessary. I would indeed participate in another program if offered.
CSLA 2.0 - In one word: Inspiring.
Thank you to those who put in the time and hard work to create this tutorial - it was time well spent!

Posted by Bronco Book Lady at 8:28 AM



Sacramento, CA

Teacher Librarian

I liked Flickr, Ning, wiki and Delicous, but I will probably only use wiki and maybe flicke. I really believe that just because you experience something, you don’t have to share it with the whole world. Just sayin.
I don’t know about the Life Long Learning thing. I mean I don’t strive to be a life long learner. I just want to keep from being a stick in the mud. Plus, to focus on digital stuff I think is a mistake. When I was working on my MA at Doninguez I presented a proposal to a professor for curriculum for middle school kids to learn how to work on bicycles. She ripped it apart and said I was setting low expectations for African American kids and yada yada yada. This was 1991. I mean what did she expect me to do have them make pac man programs on Apple IIEs. At any rate, I think they have take virtual stuff way too far. These kids could have gotten jobs right away at $20 and hour. Plus remember Orville and Wilbur were bike mechanics. The virtual is based upon the real. Without the real, there would be now virtual. Comuters spread around stuff, but they don’t create much.
I realized this most acutely when I worked in
New Orleans. We had more that one computer per student. The kids were reading on the 2nd or 3rd grade level in the 8th grade and we had more than one computer per student. Got that. Plus the kids were angry, antisocial and abused. They didn’t need computers. They needed warm caring human beings to show them to read, do math and teach them how to get along with one another. I kind of agree with Clifford Stoll. Kids do not need computers until high school.
I don’t think much was unexpected. I always approach these things with more than a little bit of skepticism. I am always on guard for slick marketing and info mining. I would never pay for any of the items in the Web 2.0 Except for a wiki for study guides, but then I will see if our tech guy can to this for us.
The format is ok. John Dewey, Learn by doing. I would participate in another discovery program.
ONE WORD: Adequate
ONE SENTENCE: The 23 things were better than watching TV, but far less enjoyable that a walk in the woods.


Teacher Librarian

Winters, CA


This has been a great experience. There were some things that I already knew about like youtube and flikr toys but many more that I had never heard about. There was a class just in the other day and the teacher was talking about a student that had access to the internet but did not have a word program so this student could only work on his paper while at school. I gave him the site to zoho and explained some things about it and he was very happy and said he would try it out. So, if I had not gone through this program I would not have known about zoho and then I wouldn't be able to pass my knowledge along, and that's really what it's all about. I think the 2.0 team has done a fantastic job of pulling all these new technology tools together and I appreciate the time they have taken to help us along. I was especially impressed with the sandbox wiki and thought it a great idea for others to share what they have done and what works. Maybe next year there will be another 23 things to look at and explore?


May 2009

This has been an incredible learning experience. I have learned how to blog. I have created a wiki :Welcome to the Renaissance and posted it in library webpage. I used PCWorks to create it. I will create wikis on the Civil War and Ancient Rome based on Joyce Valenza's website. I organized my booksmarks using and will create a link in my blog. I will continue to explore Library Things, World EBook and LibriVox and share this wonderful resources with staff.
I would be very interested in participating in another discovery program.
Web 2.0 provided excellent resources to fully comprehend and embrace digital learning aids aligned with current student population to support student learning. It also gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my fellow teacher librarians in doing "23 Things and Welcome to School Library Learning 2.0"

Posted by Booklover at 9:27 AM

Cat’s Log


High School Teacher Librarian

Sacramento, CA

I am hooked on Delicious, PBwiki, ZOHO Writer, audiobooks and Library Thing. I think that is all (?!!?). Blogs, I can take or leave. Don't know that I will keep mine up. Time will tell. If I do, I will have to move it to Edu Blogs in order to access it from work or to link it to my website. Overall, I'm not sure of its usefulness.

While all of this exploring has been fun, its relevance to student learning during a time of resetting priorities remains to be seen. Having taught all ages, from little guys through high school, I still regard technology as a tool, not as an end. I see too much of what we have just explored as setting up technology as the "goal." Too many of our kids already don't get to explore enough of the real world or adequately interact with one another. As wonderful and amazing as some of the tech tools available are, they get in the way of that type of learning for our kids. And it's often expensive to access for people who are in dire economic straits.

I have gained some familiarity with software and devices my students are using. That is a plus. I will respond to some of their comments with fewer of those "deer in the headlights" looks. I would like to see this continued in the next year or 2 with something like Library 3.0. As difficult as some of the tasks appeared at the outset, it is rewarding to know I have learned something.

I must say, at closing, that I didn't enjoy spending so much time in front of a computer. After working all day in front of a computer, going home and spending more hours online was like torture. I can hardly wait to go home & ride my bike in the sunshine.

I'm finished....woohoo!!!!

Posted by b00kmaven at 7:06 PM

Library 2.0 Revisited


Southern Californian Teacher Librarian

One of the things I enjoyed most about doing this a 2nd time was the added benefits of working through the 23 things with my fellow PUSD teacher librarians. Even though CSLA was very good about commenting on my entrees the first time around, this time, the TLs provided immediate feedback and often discussion relevant to work actually going on at our schools.

Aussie Library Lady


This has been an amazing learning journey. It took much time to explore and absorb the new ideas but it was totally worthwhile.

I’ve loved learning how to blog. I intend to explore Flickr more as I can see that I can view photos on one of our TV stations using our AT&T cable service. I also love using for bookmarking useful websites. The ability to be able to see these websites easily from any computer is very useful. I also liked learning about Google Docs as I can see applications for group work here – applicable for me and for students at school.

I am in the process of setting up a wiki for the APEL students at my school based on Joyce Valenza’s website. I can see teaching and learning applications linking the students and the teacher librarian to teacher blogs using iGoogle pages. Students could ask questions about the assignments which could be answered by either the teacher or the teacher librarian. As the blog is updated students would be automatically updated on their iGoogle page. I have developed a PowerPoint presentation which could be used at a professional growth day promoting this idea to teachers.

If another discovery program like this was offered in the future I would definitely avail myself of it. It was a very structured approach to some of the best features of web 2.0 tools. I liked being able to learn at my own pace. My life is frequently frenetic and so I have to use pockets of time as they arise.

And if I had to describe my learning experience in one word I could only choose ‘brilliant’. Thank you to the CSLA 2.0 team for this learning opportunity.

Posted by AussieLibraryLady at 9:16 AM

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