#10 (WEEK 5) Play around with online image generators

Generators? No, I’m not talking about those gas powered back-up things. The generators I’m talking about are websites that allow you to easily manipulate images.

For this discovery exercise, we want you to have even more fun than you're already having!
Find a few fun image or text generators to play around with and write a post in your blog about one of your favorites and the display the result. Often adding the image you mocked up to your blog is as simple as copying and pasting code that the page provides. If not, you may just need to right click on the image and then save it to your hard drive before using Blogger’s image button to add it to your post.

If you’re having difficulty getting your image added to a post in your blog, ask a colleague for help or your 2.0 Team.

Discovery Exercise:
  1. Play around with some image generators and find one that you like.
  2. Post the result of your discovery process in your blog. Note: Be sure to include a link to the image generator itself, so other participants can discover it too. Take some time and have fun with this exercise. And remember to be tasteful too!* Images created with FD Toys, Comic Strip Generator, Image Chef.

Discovery Resources:

Curriculum Connections:

  1. Idea #1: Image generators: Show how to make an interesting image to use as interesting story starters. For example: using the star image on Hollywood Boulevard, a teacher or student could add the name of a character, a famous person, or any name. The students could make up a story about how that person got his/her very own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

  2. Idea #2: Use comic strip generator to make cartoon directions - students and fellow educators might follow THOSE directions!!

  3. Idea #3: Generate an image for your school, classroom, or library website, newsletter, or bulletin board.

Suggested "tags" or labels: images, image generators

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